“Get More Calcium.” When that is the only advice the doctor gives? It’s a good trip.

I just had my annual check up today with my wonderful GYN.  While our visits are always very quick I always manage to get the feeling that she has actually read up on my file and her own notes beforehand enough to ask about the status of any previous conditions as well as make quick comments or questions about how married life is going.

Today was another pleasant (well, as pleasing as these sorts of internal pokey-proding sorts of visits really CAN be) experience.  And after I’ve spent the last few days since the reminder call came in for the appointment trying to calm the nervous flutters and logic my mind out of this paranoid fear that she was going to try to drag my weight into the picture or somehow harass me.  What an absolute pleasure to simply go into the office; sign in to delighted exclamations over my shirt by the very fashionable receptionist; get my blood pressure read with the correct cuff without even having to ask (readings are all normal, thanks!) and have my weight taken politely and with kind but unrelated banter about the weather turning cooler.  During the appointment itself the only suggestion made was that I should increase my calcium intake to encourage strong bones while I’m younger.  When the doctor also suggested taking more stairs or taking walks (which could have perhaps been a note towards weight but it didn’t sound it) I was able to quickly point out my usual swimming and dancing routine and that was that. My prescriptions are refilled, life is good, and now I don’t have to hear “Scrunch down a bit more please” for another year again (as long as all is clear as usual of course!)

What. A. Pleasure.

Also worth noting is that while I haven’t weighed myself in about a year (since my last visit) and had been feeling a bit self-conscious or even worried about whether I had gained obscene amounts of weight due to new medications and no longer dieting; I found that I’ve gained a total of 10 pounds.  Over a year I have remained more stable in weight now than I have since I was about 8.  I was recently even to the point of adding a question about weight gain to the list for my next gastro-enterologist check-up to ask if it was indeed normal to put on a few pounds due to the stomach calming medication which has allowed for me to go all day without having to make a dozen or more urgent and uh.. system cleansing?… trips to the toilet throughout the day!  While I do think I’ll still put the question out there just to get a feel for things I don’t believe it would be unreasonable to see 10 pounds gained over  a year with new medication allowing nutrients to stay in your system longer to be absorbed into the body.  Also as I have been lax with my swimming and dancing the last month or so it is also possible that these 10 pounds are a flux above my median current bodily weight point.

Of course these are just the thoughts in my own head and could of course be erroneous.  However, for me to spend one full year at the same size (within 10 pounds) and NOT have to radically alter my wardrobe (in either direction) AND to feel great most every day; is a freaking amazing feat.  And if all that feeling great has to come with the “price tag” of 10 pounds?  I’ll take that over IBS-ing my way through life any day!!

So, in all, a very nice and brief visit to the doctor’s office that I thought worth sharing.  There are informative, kindly, helpful doctors out there.  I’m really very lucky to have stumbled across the one I have!!  Oh, and to prove that I HAVE been walking as suggested by the doctor:

Walking through a local corn maze.  This is BEFORE we had been lost for an hour so the energy was still very high!

Walking through a local corn maze. This is BEFORE we had been lost for an hour so the energy was still very high!


3 thoughts on ““Get More Calcium.” When that is the only advice the doctor gives? It’s a good trip.

  1. Great post! It’s nice to hear about the good guy doctors for a change. And that picture is awesome. You look so happy and healthy and beautiful … and so confident that it won’t take you an hour to find the exit!

  2. Kudos to you for having normal blood pressure at the GYN! Mine always skyrockets because of nerves and they tell me “Lose weight and it will go down.” I always want to reply, “Get me out of this office and it will go down,” but have never had the nerve. As far as your doctor recommending more walks and taking the stairs, I doubt it was about your weight. Because you had been talking about calcium and bone mass, she was probably wanting to encourage you to do weight-bearing exercise, which helps strengthen bones. Swimming, although great cardio, is not a weight-bearing exercise, so perhaps she didn’t know about the dancing and thought you weren’t doing any exercise that would help fortify your bones.

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