Based, yet again, on the theory we eat too much

Yet another bit of head-shaking “research”:

“Certain  scents can help set in motion a process that triggers your hypothalamus to send signals telling your body you’ve had enough to eat.

“What we’ve done is found a way to deliver the scents that can be added to food, in the form of flavorless crystals called Tastants, to prevent people from overeating.”

Yet again research based on the un-questioned idea that fat people only get that way by eating some amount OVER what they “should”.  As if any dieting fatty has never wondered why the pounds don’t just slide off when they stop eating “so much”.  Well “DUH!” it’s simply due to you not realizing that those twinges in your stomach are the “full” signals; not the “oh man I’m freaking starving on 22 points a day: FEED ME” signals. Maybe you need to sniff some of the right crystals to keep those messages clear, natch!

Yet, the brain doctor who came upon the connection between sense of smell and weight fluctuations, although declaring he is not a “diet doctor” was sure quick to jump on the diet bandwagon; offering his technology as part of the new Sensa diet plan…which you can go ahead and try for free for a while…

Here’s the skeptic in me wondering just how long those participants held onto their average “30 pound” weight loss?  No matter your feelings on reduced calorie dieting for your own purposes; stuff like this “news” designed to incite a flurry of new-diet fad purchasing just raises my hackles.  Oi.

In more interesting news: Happy Equinox!  Here it is time for Autumn colors to show on trees and bodies and I happen to rock the fall pallet so I happen to be pretty happy over here.  Hot apple cider, hay rides, halloween planning…life is beauteous.  Anyone planning some fantabulous halloween costumes?  I’m working on Rainbow Brite and Red Butler for the hubby and I!


2 thoughts on “Based, yet again, on the theory we eat too much

  1. We do get the same things, ad nauseum, ad infinitum, don’t we? Yes, we all eat too much, we eat ‘bad’ foods, we never exercise, & of course many scientific studies have never pretty much proven that body size is mostly genetic, so bring on the bogus cures for a variation in natural body sizes. Hell, why not? It’s profitable.

    Also, yesterday I quite accidentally overheard a few minutes of the very annoying “Dr. Oz” program (another of these ‘geniuses’ so beloved by Oprah) where he had as a guest a pathologist who yapped about the leading reasons for ‘premature’ deaths among women, making sure, of course, to emphasize that they were ALL a matter of choice & “lifestyle”. They both made the totally unsubstantiated & to the best of my knowledge false claim that ‘obesity’ causes liver disease & death by liver failure. Strangely enough, in my own experience & in my own family, none of the fat people have had any problems with liver failure, but the thin alcoholics certainly have. It was just another of the constant & ever more ludicrous attempts to blame everything, including an itchy nose, on fat….& of course to be certain to reinforce the message that fat people are fat by choice, thereby being so lazy & selfish as to kill themselves &, in the process, lest we forget, to run up healthcare costs, cause global warming, & most likely start wars.

  2. I’m not sure what the actual underlying ‘research’ is saying. A loss of 30.5 lbs which = 15% of their body weight sounds like they did not become slim or anything like it.

    If they had I’m sure they would have said. It’s another case of their constantly moving goal posts where fat can become thin is ‘proven’ even when the weight loss results don’t show this.

    And another thing that irks me, is why do they keep on with their myth busting ‘tude, when it is they inventing and spreading the myths?

    I mean hunger not controlled in the stomach? Tell that to the surgeons who butcher it.

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