Images of Fat and Happy

In my endless endeavor to push images of fat woman out into the internet; images which do NOT exist solely as “Before” pictures or “Headless Warnings”; I bring you some recent shots taken by Adam D.  This is a set of snapshots of my normal life.  The life of a morbidly obese woman who has stopped letting size and worries about it get in the way of doing what she wants (within her own monetary and local legal limits of course).

King Richard’s Faire was, as I suggested earlier, quite fun.

Waiting for Diabolis in Musica to start playing

Waiting for Diabolis in Musica to start playing

It was nice to have complimentary tickets as we ended up spending the money we would have spent to get IN the gate on all of the artists/entertainers instead.  It felt far nicer to give large tips to performers themselves than it does to cough up that kind of money just to get in to see them!

The dress I am sporting was a gift from a friend and I only had to hem and make a few alterations in order to make it into something I really wanted to wear.

Another nice part of the Faire was getting a Djembe drum for myself to use at belly dance performances.

This drum comes home with me!

This drum comes home with me!

In all, a pretty awesome day of walking around, browsing wares and clapping for great performers.  The weather could not be better: a briskly fall day with blue sky and gentle sun.  Perfect for wearing a heavy-ish overcoat!

Over into the crafty department of life; I have found a fun fascination with creating crochet amigurumi creatures. I’ve found the social network called Ravelry and am really enjoying the array of crafty possibilities available there!  I just finished crocheting my first of these amigurumi creatures and it is a “kissing fish” pattern from a kit I bought at Barnes & Noble.

Meet the Kissy Fish

Meet the Kissy Fish

I had to adjust the tail a bit since the pattern was oddly off but I made it work and felt pretty happy with the little guy.  Now of course I’m trying to plan out the myriad of potential gifting options this new addiction has created.

Crochet critters for all!  Scarves with new stitches that I’ve never used before! All made in those wee rare moments between sleeping and trying to get through classwork, work-work, part-time work-work, dancing, swimming, cooking, eating, breathing, living and somewhere in there loving the hubby and little Beta fish!


What’s life if not full of the many ways in which you can fill your time when you’re procrastinating?

In my own bit of “Fashion News” I finally got the dress I ordered as a gift for myself a few months ago.  The designer was very kind, and responsive to questions; though if you’re in any kind of impatient hurry you had better

Sassy in Brown

Sassy in Brown

mention that before buying!  Since I didn’t have an event to wear it to I was pretty patient and the wait was worth it.  Custom colors, custom fit…very happy April D!

And for anyone looking beyond the dress; this is the computer/craft/storage/book shelf/dance room.

Taped to that crazy image in the back is a few of the dance choreographies I’m working on for the upcoming recital in October.

I’d say that normally the room is not so cluttered but it really is.  Lots of it is my husband’s “Must collect all plastic bags I am ever given!” obsession but the rest is my crafts, dancing and filing “system”.   Sometimes we get bursts of cleaning ambition and it becomes more organized though (the empty box by my foot is actually a part of that “in-process” cleaning which has finally been completed!)

So that’s the run of images for now.  May they inspire you to do some things you may have been holding off on.  At the very least, may they bring smiles to your lips and hearts as you see this happy fat woman living her life!

Oh, and if that does bring a smile, how about I end with a Liger drinking milk from a bottle; wearing a stuffed Liger on his back?

Did I mention the Liger is HUGE???

Did I mention the Liger is HUGE???


11 thoughts on “Images of Fat and Happy

  1. The dress is so cute!

    I found your site a week or so ago and I love it! With my weight and height I’m considered morbidly obese. I am trying to lose weight but not because of society but because I want to feel more comfy in my skin. Though my goal weight will still be obese.

    I find it refreshing to find a woman embracing the fatness :o)

  2. That Renaissance dress is lovely on you. The amber chemise is a great color! And the custom dress is va-va-va-voom.

    I haven’t been to King Richard’s Faire in years. They always do such a good job there.

    • Thanks Jenera and welcome to the site! All about the comfort in one’s own skin thing here 🙂 My own gentle reminder though that feeling comfortable in your own skin is not dependent upon a number on a scale or a particular pants size. (Just saying) 🙂

      JupiterPluvius thanks! The chemise is something I’ve been wearing to dance in but I didn’t like the longer full chemise I had made so I’m glad this one worked out color-wise. The Faire was notably lacking in gypsy dancers this year though (odd considering they were the reason the Faire was even first created!)

  3. I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for several weeks now. Just wanted to say that I appreciate your posting the photos. You look marvelous in the medieval dress and the new one, too.

    Don’t want to speak for Jenera but she may have meant feeling physically comfortable in her body not mentally comfortable. It can be an issue.

    • Tigerlily thanks for reading and your turn on what Jenera may be thinking/feeling. There are indeed many different ways for us to feel comfortable with ourselves and I am not demeaning anyone’s way of finding that sort of self acceptance for themselves. I personally find no value in changing my size but do not deny the right of others to feel they have to change. I just point out that no one HAS to..and go from there 🙂

      • April,

        Shouldn’t speak for Jenera. What “I” mean is that you can be carrying enough weight to feel physically uncomfortable. Depending on how old you are or how your weight is distributed it can be hard to walk very far – there can be sore knees, hips and back.

        I’m not trying to say people shouldn’t be comfortable weighing more than some chart says they should. I’m just saying that when I am at the upper end of my current weight range, it’s hard to do things.
        I have to figure out how to balance accepting my body, and figuring out if or how much I want to push back against the difficulties of carrying this much weight around. I hope that makes some sense. Anyways, nice to see a blogger answer her commenters.

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