Powerful messages

Just rounding up some powerful messages that I’ve been seeing around since I’m caught between two classes of homework, two jobs and so many hobbies that I need to find time to sleep once in a while!

First we have a great bit over at The F-Word about the detrimental effect that body size/shape discrimination has on a person’s health; relating studies done on height to the potential for similar effects regarding weight.

Waistlines made a quick note about the “unintended effects of posting calorie counts in restaurants”.

I’ve been watching the posting around xkcd’s recent comic with the geeky guy on the subway and really enjoyed Atchka!’s sum up of the discussion from comments.

Every Woman has an Eating Disorder alerts us to the upcoming Fat Talk Free week! (Oct 19-23). “Will you take the challenge? Can you remove “fat talk” from your lexicon that week? What would be the biggest challenges in doing so? How about starting this now?” And continuing it every day?

A wonderful post from Carrie Fisher which has been addressed before, while not exactly “Body Positivity of All Bodies 101” does give me an awesome smile, especially round about here where she hopes not to “offend” peoples eyes while trying to engage their brains through their ears: “And as a teeny aside—–my show on Broadway is not about my appearance. Oh sure, I’m killing myself trying to lose weight before I open so I won’t offend any theater goers eyes while attempting to entertain them via their ears…… But just in case I don’t achieve my goal of keeping my promise to look 25 & instead manage to remind you of bulbous slugs or gay, iconic musicians……..I’d like to take this opportunity to offer this quasi poignant explanation & to say to those of you I’ve visually offended…… from the bottom of my heart encased in fat——-BLOW MY BIG BOVINE tiny dancer COCK!” (Emphasis mine)

Carrie’s more recent post from October 1st is re-iterating what many of us fatties have been saying forever: you can be doing Everything Right and  STILL remain fat!  Boy, Carrie I wish the media would let it go… ’cause trust me no one believes us when we say we don’t eat carrot cake all around the damn town all damn day…. if they DID then that would break minds; because it doesn’t fit into that tiny niche allotted to the understanding of Fat as anything other than a purely simple calculated result from Over Food IN and Under Exercise OUT.

I also have to say that reading her blog has given me quite a few little smiles and smirks.  She reminds me of my snarky grandmother in her attitude; especially with her “Stick that in your pipe and fuck it!” (well my grandma would have said “Smoke it” but you get the idea!)

And I think I’ll end with that because, really, reading her blog left me in an upbeat mood and hopefully it will do so for you too!


3 thoughts on “Powerful messages

  1. I am 60 now & find myself, both literally & metaphorically, telling various parties & the whole, self-righteous, healthist, fat-hating world at large to fuck off on a regular basis. I am very glad that I am one of those people for whom age is bringing more self-respect & more ownership of my body, acceptance of who I am & the aging process, & not the constant struggle to fight off any signs of aging or imperfection in the belief that no one can love or appreciate anyone who is/looks over 25 or a size 2.

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