Hairs cuttery and fashion

Well I’m getting my hairs cut today.  (Always get the tease, never fails, when I say “Hair”: “Hu-yuck, which ONE?” *snarf**eyeroll*)  So I’m getting them ALL cut and am having a bit of trouble deciding if I want to change style or not.  I hate the bangs growing into my eyes now but love when they are short little things.  So we’ll see on that front. Any suggestions?

I have a wedding to go to this coming Sunday and for one of the first times I am excited to get dressed up and not frantically worrying that my tummy might show too much or my “Fat legs” might offend someone.  I consider that a huge step in the right mental direction towards self bodily love.  I contribute some of the excitement about getting dressed up to the awesome orange tights from We Love Colors that I plan to wear with the awesome new brown dress! Very cool stuff.

That’s about it for “fashion” on my not-so-fashion-saavy end of the blog-spectrum here.


2 thoughts on “Hairs cuttery and fashion

  1. Have a wonderful time at the wedding & I wish you a beautiful haircut which makes you happy. I hate short hair on me, though I wore it that way for more than 27 years, so I cannot offer much advice on your haircut; mine is down to my shoulder blades right now & I do need to get it trimmed & shaped, but I often tend to avoid the hairdresser’s chair almost as passionately as I do the doctor’s examining table.

    Anyway, have fun, & I am sure you will look gorgeous.

    • Thanks Patsy. I wouldn’t mind just doing the same sort of cut (and color: splurge!!) again but this is a new dresser and I never know a new person’s level of comfort with someone coming in and just saying: “Play with it! Make it sassy!” so we’ll see. Maybe I’ll snag a few photos to bring in too just in case. 🙂

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