Belly dance for change?

Not as in nickles and dimes but for a cause.  Namely, the cause of encouraging writing (among others).  I saw this article over at NaNoWriMo’s website today and needed to share.

We also have been raising money for charitable causes for almost a year as part of a unique program we founded called Belly Dance for Change. We have even danced in subway stations to promote LGBT, women’s anti-violence, anti-poverty, and childhood education causes. We’ve been nearly arrested in several occasions, although we don’t do anything against the rules. But only in New York will more people watch us dance when cops are standing by.

Just like writing a novel, a belly dance routine must choose a tone and a narrative. Unlike a book, we are taught to interact with the viewer, to improvise on the fly and to always offer a happy ending. Love, heartbreak, mischievousness, and longing can all be expressed through belly dance.

Pretty interesting I think.  Maybe I can work with my dance instructor to discover some ways to dance for causes.  We already dance for nursing homes and rehab centers for free or very little renumeration but it might be worth looking into to see about some sort of shimmy fundraiser to put funds towards say, actual research to be done regarding health which does not use BMI as the end-all/be-all measure of human worth?  Just a thought.

What sort of causes would you shake your hips for?


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