Quick! What makes you think “Yoga”? Did you say “Yoda”?

Then you’d probably be right as far as folks over at Yoga Today* are concerned.  For just over 60 minutes you can:

Explore the unifying “force,” or energy that connects all living beings. Yoga can help you recognize and develop your force within, and then it’s up to you how you choose to use it. This class features Princess Neesha Zollinger exploring the Galactic connection between Yoga and Star Wars!

Hey.  Whatever gets you interested in Yoga, right?  Anyone tried it out?  Do you feel more connected to the force?  Did you at least get to pose in one classic Jedi Fight pose?  I’m not sure if this sort of endeavor would excite even this here die-hard Mark Hamill fan** into trying Yoga; but to each their own, right?  Perhaps this video even includes a bit of Yoda-esque philosophy about the moves if one is lucky? “Size matters NOT!”  One could only hope.

From the little “preview” snippet: “There is one force, you can choose to use it for the light side; or the dark side.”

*Found via BoingBoing.net

**Okay so I’m not a member of the club but MAN he is fun to watch jump around in that black suit in Return of the Jedi!


5 thoughts on “Quick! What makes you think “Yoga”? Did you say “Yoda”?

  1. I’ve done yoga in the past, and am doing Tai Chi/Martial Arts now, and of the two…

    The only way you are going to be able to pose in a classic Jedi Fight pose (TM) is if you take martial arts of some kind. Yoga is about stretching (which is really kewl), but really can’t show you anything about fighting.

    Martial arts (especially Tai Chi) has both stretching AND the fighting aspects. And since things like Tai Chi and Kenpo (or Kempo, same thing, really) came about by Buddist monks learning to defend themselves (and then who became masters at their martial art), you get the “force” philosophy too (depending on the dojo you go to).


  2. Oh! My nine year old was playing around on the tumbling mat yesterday and he went upside down and pretzel-like and actually said, “Hey, look, I’m doing Yoda!”

    And I looked and said, “I think you mean Yoga. Yoda’s the little green guy.”

    And he did a doubletake and laughed.

    So obviously, he was onto something.

  3. You know, I’ve totally done that lesson. I love Yoga Today. For $10 a month I get unlimited lessons that I can do in my home with nobody around except the dog. And Neesha is fabulous at explaining the poses and talking you through how to line your body up. The Star Wars lesson isn’t my favorite (my favorite is Neesha’s lesson on the power of reflection), but it was a nice novelty. I’m kind of a snarky person, so when I first started with yoga I did a lot of eye rolling, but I’ve come around on it. They really mean it when they talk about how wherever you are is where you’re supposed to be in terms of flexibility, stamina, etc. One of the other instructors, Adi, talks about the importance of honoring your tight muscles because you worked hard for years to get them tight by driving, sitting at work, and even doing other exercises. And that really clicked for me because it took something I usually see as negative and recast it in a positive light. And I love that they always point out that trying to force yourself into a pose won’t actually open you up and can actually make you tighter.

    Also, there’s a weekly free class if you wanted to check it out and see if it’s for you (you have to register, but the only e-mails I get from them are reminders of my monthly renewals). And their blog has free, mini-lessons as well. I’m obviously a huge fan. (And the Princess Leia buns are actually practical if you’re working up to shoulder stand because they keep your hair out of the way without making a knot at the nape of your neck.)

    • theKP thanks so much for the review! I’m sure I’m not the only one who is happy to know more about the site; especially if you’re considering starting yoga! 😀

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