Fun shirt re-prints and post-Halloween

For all of us who have ever foolishly slaved to be what we could never be

For all of us who have ever foolishly slaved to be what we could never be

For anyone who has been waiting around forever to get the adorable t-shirt of the rhino running on a treadmill aspiring to become a unicorn; it has been reprinted.  Personally I find that from threadless the guy’s 2xl matches a good “unisex” or “women’s” 2xl.

This weekend I went to an awesome low-key but amazing Halloween party.  Got to hand out candy dressed up as one of the Rainbow Brite color kids.  Almost no one recognized us (so sad!) but we got to see lots of fun (and some silly) costumes.  For someone who has never gotten to hand out candy in a busy neighborhood it was completely wonderful simple fun.  It was eye-opening to see just how many kids don’t even care about the “Trick or Treat” or “Happy Halloween” tropes and are just there to grudgingly allow you to look upon their visual greatness as they grab at a handful of candy. It was a bit expected but there were QUITE a few vampires running around this year; especially young women and girls with the fangs and some skimpy back outfit.  Adam D and I were also hard-pressed after 2 hours of passing out treats to over 300 kids to come up with more than a handful of girls or young women who WEREN’T dressed as either a “sexy” version of something or a vampire.  Though I give kudos to the one young woman who dressed as strawberry shortcake in a non-uber-sexified way.  She gets major props from us! 🙂  (Though I think wearing shoes over those awesome stockings might have been in order even though it was warm that night!)

At any rate what a fun evening followed by a great party.  It was good to see kids of all shapes and sizes running around in costume that night.  I can’t speak for what might have been said or done behind the scenes but everyone LOOKED to be having fun and enjoying a night out.  A nice refreshing scene honestly!

Happy first clock-turned-back Monday all.


2 thoughts on “Fun shirt re-prints and post-Halloween

  1. I only had 12 trick-or-treaters. It rained here pretty steadily Halloween night and that may have kept some kids from going out. I had very young kids and a few 11 or 12 year-olds who didn’t even dress up. The best costume of the evening was a young girl dressed as a dartboard.

    I didn’t wear a costume but did put my witches hat on to get into the spirit.

    • Bummer on the poor weather and turnout Bree. A dartboard is freaking awesomely original. I loved seeing the few clever folks out there going above and beyond. Oh and I saw a dog dressed as big-bird too 😀 Made my night!

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