My fat body won second place!!

Okay so I had to post that all of the tentative fear of putting myself out there in digital images as mentioned previously has paid off in the form of winning second place in the Pin-Up Stock Reference contest being held over at Deviant Art. (Winning pose is at the end).

Here’s the quoted response for why one of my pieces won second place:Β  “…playful pose is perfect for her! She beams with the energy of a confident girl with a smile that says, ‘Hey there fella, why don’t ya come closer?'”

I’ll admit it.Β  I totally Squee’d and the hubby laughed with me at how excited I became. (Or possibly “at” but for now I’m on a happy-high and will go with “with”).

The contest now moves on to stage two; where artists use the stock created in phase one; by myself and other daring souls; to make pin-up drawings of Sailor Moon characters. I’m excited to see if anyone ends up using my images as reference to draw a character and if you’re into drawing or have a DA account you should consider joining up as there are many great entries (especially winner of first and third places!) and the prizes offered are very nice for anyone who uses the site.

SO yea, not too shabby a way to kick-out the end of a Thanksgiving weekend with a look into just how open some people can be about bodies which lie outside the normal scope of currently defined size standards. And this has really given me even more encouragement to continue creating stock images, at least for pose referencing purposes for now.

Pin-up Pose

Energetic Poses come in all sizes


18 thoughts on “My fat body won second place!!

  1. What a great photo! Love the outfit and the pose.

    It also kind of throws that old “Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” thing right out the window, doesn’t it?

    • That saying always made me laugh. People who say that need to come round to meet indie boys. Glasses is the indie equivalent of a short skirt for some people, I swear.

      Have you seen the bizzaroo addition to that from Penny and Aggie? “Boys don’t ditch classes for girls who wear glasses, but boys think it’s way sick when girls get lasik.” It’s said by someone who is, by all accounts, vain, but I still laughed. So ridiculous.

    • JT while I am flattered, I am not at this time interested in supplying images for manipulations; only for pose reference; and would really rather you did not use it for a poster if at all possible please. What sort of contest are you entering?

        • Without first obtaining permission to use the image in question? Are you going to post a link to your work here at the least since you only asked permission as an afterthought? 😦

          • I know, you’re so right. I came across the image just googling. So I never really knew where it was from, and my teacher brought it up so I looked in to it.
            My bad. I’ll go with the other idea I had.
            It’s all good. πŸ™‚
            Thank you

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