Animals: Fat and Happy. Also, knees to be fixed.

Whew!  I notice I’ve been un-post-y for over a week and had to rectify that situation!  Since it is a lovely Monday morning I thought I would add to the visual imagery starting off your week with the animal installment of “Images of Fat and Happy“.

This here critter (Harbor Seal) is about 250 lbs of swimming, playful, beautiful harbor seal-ness:

Harbor Seals

From the NE Aquarium. Swimming fine at 250 lbs.

But, you may cry in indignation, that seal can’t POSSIBLY be FAT!  It’s a SEAL!  Well, since seals are up to 30% blubber (that means Fat), check your assumptions again and realize that, yet again, who LOOKS “Fat” versus who IS “Fat” may not fit all  your preconceived notions.

In other interesting news, my mother has finally been approved for a knee surgery for this Wednesday.  Turns out that after her doctor had been “pooh-poohing” her knee pain and just waving that “lose weight Fatty!” medical hand of “yeah, you’re not beautiful so I really don’t care to look into your problem, just stop eating so much and work out on a painful knee more often”; that low and behold she has freaking torn ligaments and crud in there and that is why she is in so much pain.  Not because she has oh-so-much weight she’s carting around (which is far less than my own) but because some of her very active life’s physical activity did damage to the joint and muscles.  Yet another reason that sometimes I despair that people, especially those who hold the medical power over the masses, will ever stop to consider a person as a PERSON before they consider them as a Weight to be Reduced via shaming or the oh-so-subtle messages like this.  Here’s hoping her in-patient thing goes smoothly this week!


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