Glad for the holidays?

otters on wreath

Otterly cute

In response to a question asked at about this time last year “Otter you glad for the holidays?” I have to say that Yes, Yes I am this year.  And not just because I’ve discovered th happiness which can be brought by images of otter babies!  Awwwww…

Now that classes are over for the semester and I can, if not fully take it off at least partially remove my Librarian Student Hat ™ until late in January; I’ve been able to reflect upon this holiday season and how it has been and looks to be.

stuffed turkey on table

Most deliciously tender turkey I've ever eaten

Thanksgiving was wonderful.  Not only did we have good weather but I also found myself not dreading any sort of weight-bashing scenarios.  And nothing came to pass either.  We celebrated with Adam D’s parents in New Hampshire and relaxed, ate, talked, watched some Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade (to me it isn’t Christmas season until Santa floats down the streets of that parade!) and drank copious amounts of delicious tea.  The turkey, which I’ve honestly myself never been a huge fan of, was actually delicious.  Wonderfully tender and juicy and everything a turkey should (I guess?) be.  Not only was it cooked well but I think a part of its yummy tenderness came from how calm and relaxed I was for the Holiday.  I was able to fully enjoy the bird and the company and the entire event for a few reasons that I am happy to attribute to becoming more at ease with my own body and self image.  For one thing I was not starving when I sat down to eat.  Unlike holiday feasts of the past when I was to join the masses willingly starving themselves in anticipation of a guilt-laden gorge later in the day; this year I had my simple breakfast and treated Thanksgiving as just another meal.  A tasty and better-than-usual one, to be sure, (PIE!) but something I could approach with a sane mind and a belly not screaming and clamoring for me to get everything/anything into it and NOW!  For me that made each bite all the tastier.

Perhaps a part of my calmness was brought on by knowing that Adam’s parents don’t really focus on weight as a Topic Du Jour at all like my whole family does; or tends to at least.  Granted, his mom does love to find new and…uh….interesting ways to use Splenda and sugar substitutes because Adam’s tall, thin father has diabetes.  (And a distinct love for those few occasions when he can have *gasp* White Breads!) Yet no discussions really go into weight-loss territory and the few that have were actually interesting and I found people willing to actually discuss and listen to my own ideas rather than scoff without even taking a moment to ponder another point of view.  It is refreshing.

Holding Up the Feast

Getting ready to share a Seafood Feast!

Adam and I had a wonderful 3 year anniversary on the 8th of this month.  We went to the aquarium again and got to enjoy the squealing penguins wiggling their butts and declaring their territory all over the place.  Then we walked around the area in the chilly but clear weather and ate a wonderful (if incredibly over-expensive) crab and lobster dinner.

Christmas will be hosted at our own humble abode and will just be Adam D’s family and our sister-in-law (Adam D’s brother is deployed at the moment.  Again.  Entirely another story…).  I already have the rib roast in the freezer (most money I’ve ever sunk into one hunk of meat!) and am planning some twice-baked potatoes. Still wondering about what veggies to have but already have chosen a tasty mild and creamy cheddar with chives to go on garlic herb crackers for the snacking.  My own mom is going to be convalescing down in Virginia after her knee surgery today so she won’t be joining in up here.  I just sent a package of gifts down to her and my brother which I hope arrives today to cheer her day. It includes a little amigurumi snowman I made that I hope really adds to her Snowman themed holiday tree/room.

It has been a wonderfully crazy and yet calm holiday season thus far and I anticipate only more relaxing moments amongst the storm of activity to come ahead.  A season where I am able to focus on the love of the people in my life, rather than the count of the calories which might pass my lips during gatherings.  To me, that is huge (Or Fat?) and it means so much that despite the struggle to still work on accepting myself and others for who they are; that this season has been going so well.  I think I’ll leave this post with a quote from a song that Pandora recommended to me and which I’ve really been enjoying the last few days.

In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee. In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife. In 525,600 minutes – how do you measure a year in the life? How about love? How about love? How about love? Measure in love. Seasons of love.

The waters in Boston

The world before me is looking better every day


4 thoughts on “Glad for the holidays?

  1. Happy holidays to you & your family, April, & thanks so much for the upbeat post which gives a lift to those of us for whom the holidays are often a bit more difficult. I wish us all peace, love, happiness, & true acceptance of our own uniquely beautiful bodies.

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