Amigurumi Hummingbird

As the Christmas holiday zooms near I am in a happy crochet rush to create crafty things.  This here chubby hummingbird is white and gold; a snowy hummingbird to hang on the tree or stash on a mantle; perhaps perched on a candle?  For those at all interested in a free pattern; see below.  Happy winter solstice as well today!  Brrr chilly!!!

Start with White Yarn

Rnd 1: Using Magic Ring, 6sc (6)
Rnd 2:  sc 2 in every sc around (12)
Rnd 3-8: sc around (12)
Pause (do not finish off) and attach desired eyes and nose; lightly stuff to this point

Nose with Yellow Yarn

Chain 8 and turn
Slip Stitch 7, Finish Off and sew onto head

Rest of Body with White Yarn; continuing from before

Rnd 9:  sc 6, *2 sc in next sc, sc 1*; repeat *2 times, 1 sc (16)
Rnd 10-14: sc around (16)
Stuff that chubby bird tummy!
Rnd 15:  sc 3, *dec 1, sc 1*; repeat * 2 times, sc 4 (12)
Rnd 16: sc 2, *dec 1, sc 1*; repeat * 2 times, sc 2 (9)
Rnd 17:  *sc 1, dec 1*; repeat * 2 times (6)
Rnd 18-20:  sc around (6)
Rnd 21:  *dec 1*; repeat * 2 times (3)
Finish Off, Weave ends

Wings, in White Yarn (Make two)

Leaving long tail chain 10; turn
Working into underside of chain: dc 3, hdc 3, sc 3, chain 1, turn
sc 3, hdc 3, dc 3
Finish Off, leave tail to sew wing onto body
Use yarn tail left at top to make wing pointer by making another chain if desired, then weave remainder in

Sew wings to body in desired place.  Can add loop of yarn at top of head to make into hang-able ornament.


49 thoughts on “Amigurumi Hummingbird

  1. Thank you for the perfect project to do in honor of my mother. She passed in Dec 2009. Her passion was the hummingbirds. This is an angel for her.

  2. Thanks so much April, for your lovely pattern, & also to Elaine for the great idea. My Mom also loved hummers, & I’m going to make one of these & glue it to a wooden shish kabob skewer, & add it to Mom’s Mother’s day bouquet when we place it at the cemetery. Many blessings to you for sharing your talent! 🙂

  3. I’d like to thank you as well…
    this hummingbird is just WONDERFUL!!!
    not only do I love hummingbirds, but my dad, and his wife have a hummingbird bathroom, and lots of hummingbird feeders in their backyard… there are ALWAYS hummingbirds around.. you can sit out back and they just zoom all around the yard… it’s WONDERFUL!!!!

  4. April!! Thanks so much for this marvelous pattern!! My sister adores hummingbirds and I have bought her many plates and figurines but she will LOVE this because I will have MADE it for her. Bless you!

  5. this pattern was so easy to follow-I did 2 in multi shades of green(put a little red on front of 1(male) and put them on sticks in my flower plants.They look so cute.Thanks so much for sharing.

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  7. you did not say what size crochet needle to use on the humming bird. i want to send this pattern to my mom. so please tell me what size hook you used.

  8. Hi April, Thanks for sharing your hummingbird pattern! 🙂
    I was curious as to what your policy is regarding selling items made from your pattern? Some people say don’t sell the pattern but you can sell the item made from the pattern, some people say do what ever you want, and some people say don’t sell the pattern or the item made from the pattern. I looked throughout your blog but couldn’t find an answer so I figured I would just ask in a comment.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Ali and thanks for stopping by! Since I provided the pattern for free I’d rather no one have to pay for the resulting items. I know there is little way for me to truly track people down if they do choose to offer items they make from my patterns for sale; but my honest thought is that a free pattern should not be used to gain a profit. I’m so glad you like my pattern! 🙂

      • Hi, My aunt had seen a finished humming bird that I had made from your pattern and I guess she liked it so much, she asked if she could buy two from me. I knew I needed to ask you first though. Thanks for letting me know. I will not sell any hummingbird made from your pattern 🙂

  9. Cute, quick and easy, just the right pattern for me! I am making several in pastel and bright multi-colored yarns for Easter baskets. I might even fill them with jelly beans and leave an opening below the tail to leave treat ‘droppings’. If I wanted to make the tail longer, would you suggest adding some rounds of sc between rounds 15 to 18?
    Do you have any other patterns for Easter, religious or other?
    Thanks in advance for your prompt response!
    Prayerfully waiting,

    • Daphne I do think adding a few more rounds of sc after row 18 would stretch that tail out.

      All the patterns I have made up to this point are here already except for a Fennec Fox I’ve been working on. But I’m so glad you’re enjoying these! 🙂

  10. Adorable! ^_^ This is exactly what i needed! My Grandma loves hummingbirds and this is the best pattern I’ve seen yet! I plan on doing it in green because I’ve never seen a white hummingbird lol and i’m running low on white yarn XD

  11. this is very pretty. I started crocheting & knitting in March 2012 and I think I can do this. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  12. Hi April! I tried to design my own little hummingbird using crochet thread. It came out cute, but now I’ve discovered your pattern I’m going to try it again. I can’t for the life of me remember what I did to get the first one, and I made the mistake of showing it to my mother who wants one! Thanks for the great inspiration!
    you can see my version here-

  13. Hi April, I am stuck on rnd 9. In order to do this rnd, I need 13 sts but the previous rnd only has 12. I am not sure what to do. Thanks so much.

    • Sue, I think if you reduce that sc6 to an sc 5 at the start of round 9 it might clear that up! Let me know if that works and my apologies for any confusion! 🙂

  14. What size c-hook are you using and what kind of yarn, made 2 and they are so big,Doing something wrong.Please help Love the one you made.

    • My usual hooks are an “H” size which is 5.0mm but it’s been so long since I made this little guy that I’m not positive if I used a smaller hook and thinner yarn.

  15. I just stumbled across your blog and LOVE it! I made this little hummingbird using acrylic yarn I carefully unwound and then used it as crochet thread…perfect christmas tree ornament for my mother 😀 Please make and post more patterns!

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