For those looking to make a resolution NOT weight related…

I know some people wait to make a resolution until a week or so into the new year.  I’m not personally one to make resolutions; they just bring too quickly to mind the awful “I WILL lose weight” mantras which dominated many of my new years in the past; creating more and more disappointment as I set myself up each time to be a failure.

So in the spirit of trying other adventures I found someone suggesting instead making 2010 a year of “52 adventures“.  With the thought that never should you hold off for a thinner tomorrow what you can do already today I wanted to pass the link along as a suggestion and also a reminder that life doesn’t have to wait for any particular weight (hah, see what I did there?  Ahhh I’m such a clever writer sometimes…)

For myself I still think of the “adventures” as being too reminiscent of those weight-challenge lists I made as recently as 2 years ago (drop waist size to this number, get weight to this number, etc) so I will leave it to those who don’t fear it triggering such a weight-loss mania.  Though some of the lists people are creating are generating some very interesting ideas: Carve something out of wood, Pick fruit, Make a French recipe.

However, I am toying with endeavoring to read one book a week as it seems reasonable and fun and vaguely job related as I am a librarian.  Currently I’m reading “Life is not a dress size” and “The Arkadians” and should have some reflections on those very soon to share. I still hesitate to call it a resolution but maybe I can make it a fun challenge for the year instead? Is that the same as calling a diet a lifestyle change?

What sort of adventures would you like to have this year that may even have to do with your own personal health or fitness but yet are not so tied to simple calorie reduction diets and over-exercise mantras?


10 thoughts on “For those looking to make a resolution NOT weight related…

  1. I’d like to find some sort of activity that makes me think “YES!!” instead of “NO!!”

    Not for weight loss, mind you, but because I want to enjoy moving in my body, something I don’t currently do.

    • Shannon most of my favorite reads tend to be YA books so they’re not as meaty as stuff considered more Adult. But still, I realize it is a large goal. Hence the challenging aspect! Thanks for the luck!

      Heidi I send luck you’re way on discovering that awesome activity. There are so many out there that can be amazing (some of which will always be too pricey for me but still, others are there) so I feel positive that this can happen. 🙂

  2. You know, that’s a cool idea. I think I shall commit myself to making at least one new recipe each week of 2010. Goodness knows I have enough cook books!

    In fact, due to the generosity of some good friends, I now have a rabbit in my freezer that I need to learn how to cook. But I’ll have to wait until Mr. Twistie is out of town. He’d freak about eating bunny.

    • A rabbit gift, eh? Well I know you can learn to skin a squirrel in some of the older Joy of Cooking books so I’m sure there are plenty of ways to use the even more common rabbit to be found! 😉 It would be fun to try a new recipe each week I think!

  3. Good luck, April. And to the doubters, I have to say that reading one book a week is pretty modest. Of course, it depends on your schedule, lifestyle, how well & fast you can read, how much you love to read, etc. I have been a voracious reader since I was five years old &, now, at 60, I would estimate that I have read around 15,000 books. It is very easy for me to manage three to six books in a week & I have often been one of the library’s most faithful patrons. Nowadays, I get the majority of my books from Amazon, discounted new books,& very cheap used books. My sons also both gave me gift cards for Borders for Christmas, so I have been stocking up some there as well.

    I also love a lot of children’s books, in particular of course Harry Potter & the gothic mystery thrillers started by John Bellairs & now written by Brad Strickland. My favorite adult writers are mystery writers Sarah Graves & Dana Stabenow & the incomparable fantasy parodist, Terry Pratchett. Reading is definitely my favorite pastime, especially this time of year when it is difficult to get outside as much as I want because the ice is an invitation to broken bones for those with cerebral palsy & arthritis.

    And I also think that trying a new recipe once a week sounds like fun. My son & I made seafood gumbo Sunday. 🙂

    • Thanks Patsy! I love the library; interlibrary loan is my best friend lately! I may have to add John Bellairs and Brad Strickland to my list to try out! I’ve been enjoying a Vampire Academy series of late as well as stuff by Lloyd Alexander. Also, the YA series that takes the world of Alice in Wonderland on a fantastic twist by Frank Beddor is fabulous and just released its third volume. I think if I didn’t have 2 classes starting up very soon that more than 1 book a week would be simple fare but with classwork my pleasure reading time is very crunched…though I do read very fast when I get going. So much so that often I’ll be so INTO a book that I will stop to get up for some reason and then come back and forget that I wasn’t watching tv or playing on the computer or something and it takes a moment to remember that I was just good old-fashioned reading and those vivid images in my head are of my own creation! 😀

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to disappear into the world of the book & totally lose track of time & the world around you? I love it & it makes it much easier to deal with the realities of the world when I come back to it.

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