Hey there, Eat Them Veggies Tamarin Baby!!

Cotton Top Tamarin

Hey! What's up?!

If you aren’t already a devoted viewer of zooborns.com you should be.  What a pleasurable way to pass a few moments every week.  Still I find that I read more and more into everything that I see and had to chuckle in a baffled head-shaking way that this little critter at the Boise zoo in Idaho is eating “Human baby formula and baby food. She prefers fruit but will have to learn to eat her vegetables, said Zoo Boise veterinarian Amanda Guthrie.” (emphasis mine)

Seems even little itty bitties born less than 2 months ago are still not above being told to eat those dreaded oh-so-scary veggies.  I wonder if the staff will be introducing this little tamarin to vegetables in a boring way or in a way that allows her to find something she likes and go with it (perhaps not with butter or ranch dressing but still allowing for a testing sample with a wide variety rather than a focus on only a particular kind she’s SUPPOSED to eat and like it or else…) I just hope she doesn’t end up being one of those “scary early-life vegetarians” statistics.

Welcome to this crazy world little tamarin!  I hope you enjoy all the fruit and veggies (that you like) without the sort of pressure that usually comes along with the message to Eat Your Greens and can just continue being fabulous and grow into a happy and strong squirrel-sized primate.


4 thoughts on “Hey there, Eat Them Veggies Tamarin Baby!!

  1. God forbid that any living species should escape body image & eating issues & should live a life without being told what to do or forced to eat foods whether or not they are liked. We must all have nannies telling us how to live. I have no idea how our ancestors or the wild creatures survived without all that advice & control.

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  3. http://pin.primate.wisc.edu/factsheets/entry/cotton-top_tamarin

    “The primary components of cotton-top tamarin diet are insects, fruit, plant exudates, and nectar, but they have also been recorded eating reptiles and amphibians. It is important for tamarins to have a high-quality, high-energy diet because of their small-body size, limited gut volume, and rapid rate of food passage (Garber 1993).”

    Baby prefers fruit because baby needs fruit.

    The push for vegetables is largely because vegetables are less expensive than fruit due to local availability and transportation costs. Animals tend to get fed what’s cheap rather than what is best for them, which is one of the reasons that many fail to thrive in captivity, even though they manage to survive. Obviously, it depends on the zoo and how much funding it gets. A zoo in Idaho probably doesn’t get the funding that zoos in more metropolitan locations get.

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