Let’s look at nouns



I give you a reminder of a calming visit to zooborns; which can cure almost all grouchy tendencies on those days you may not wish to have them! I have myself benefited greatly from a quick visit to this page today; where little tiger-cub-chan here has so aptly expressed my current touchy mood!

On a strange but fat-related note; is anyone else bothered by the grammatical tendency to now lump the words “overweight” and “obesity” into the category of nouns?  Obesity, sure, alright.  You’ve created a new term from “obese” and turned it into a noun.  But “overweight”?!  Isn’t that an adjective?  As in: “A person’s body can be deemed ‘overweight'”?  “Overweight” by and of itself should not be capable of forming the subject of any normal sentence, right?

The quote which brings this to mind: “Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Once considered a problem only in high income countries, overweight and obesity are now dramatically on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings.” from the World Health Organization’s page on obesity.

Maybe it is just one of the small steps towards normalizing entire concepts upon which to wage political war that go mostly unnoticed.


3 thoughts on “Let’s look at nouns

  1. “Maybe it is just one of the small steps towards normalizing entire concepts upon which to wage political war that go mostly unnoticed.”

    Yes, that would be it.

    The Really Fat Fatties [RFF, aka; The Obese] don’t seem to be getting the message. There’s even some evidence that they may even be RESISTING it. This resistance seems to be coming from a small group of out-spoken radicals in something called ‘The Fatosphere’ but they are getting attention and this is not good for several, well funded, agenda’s. Since othering and shaming the RFF hasn’t worked out all that well [Clue Bomb -Diets Don’t Work(and WW is a diet) asshat-BOOM!], now it’s time to go after the merely ‘overweight’.
    Step number 1- Tag ‘um.
    Give them a qualifier that is nebulously accurate and vaguely unpleasant so that virtually anybody can be tagged and everyone becomes a potential target.
    Step Number 2- Turn up the FUD
    Once you’ve got simply ‘overweight’ people believing their hanging over the lip of the grave [FATZ=DETH!1!!1!], start piling on the medical reports to confirm all their Fears, Uncertainties & Doubts [FUD].
    Step Number 3- Sell high, Sell often.
    Make sure you’ve got your ‘Solution’ ready for when the stampede starts. A directionless stampede is a waste of revenue.
    With luck the Overweights might turn on the Obeseus and we can make even more.


  2. I know! I hate that! Nouning adjectives weirds language! Plus it makes “overweight” sound more like a disease rather than a description.

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