For those looking to help the folks in Haiti

I just donated to AmeriCares towards the Haiti Disaster Relief. If you’d like to help please consider donating as well. Every $100 in cash contributions enables AmeriCares to deliver more than $3,500 in emergency relief, including medicines, medical supplies, clothing, footwear, blankets and nutritional supplements.

From their site here’s what we know thus far:

AmeriCares is preparing to respond to a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti earlier today. The earthquake leveled a hospital in the Haitian capital city of Port-au-Prince.

Official casualty reports are being developed, but witnesses near the disaster could hear screams of people trapped inside the hospital. AmeriCares is pledging $5 million for the people of Haiti.

I’ve been looking for an organization other than the Red Cross which seems to do very good work in both the US and around the world.  AmeriCares really seems on the ball with relief services and programs.  With over 99% of funds going into the relief programs I felt that my donation, even though small, could make an impact.

Just a quick shout-out post for anyone filled with the burning desire to help but no idea where to put that desire other than the Red Cross.


8 thoughts on “For those looking to help the folks in Haiti

  1. Thanks, April D! That’s just the sort of organization I was looking for. I can’t give much, so it’s important to me that most of it not get swallowed up in admin costs.

    • Twistie I’m right with you! It is good to find new and oft under-appreciated/marketed avenues of support which people can help fund in such times (and all through the year).

  2. My husband and I are super poor but I get dividends off my associated content writing each month. So we donated the $4 that was sitting in our paypal account to the organization that Wyclef Jean runs, Yéle Haiti.

    • Another great idea elizebethturnquist! I have also heard that it is possible to donate airline miles so volunteers can get down there so that is another alternative option.

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