Tis the season to Tagalong

I’ve noticed today that a co-worker has brought in that sign-up sheet for Girl Scout Cookies today.  And I’ve been giggling all day because all I can keep thinking about is this post from around this time last year combined with the fact that I still have two opened boxes of these cookies in my freezer left over from ordering them last year.  Considering that during my Dieting Days I would have guiltily scarfed these down within the month (or days?) of purchase I think it is a very telling testament to how normalized my eating has since become when a box of cookies that would have one time sent me into a frenzy of eating over-doing and a few moments of bliss followed by a guilt-chaser; is now still waiting out in the freezer for me to remember they are there and develop a craving for them!

So now I don’t know about ordering more of my usual favorites (the Tagalongs) since not only do I still have some left but I’ve discovered dark chocolate Reese’s cups have been released again and have definitely taken over during those few moments of chocolate/pb craving.

6 thoughts on “Tis the season to Tagalong

  1. Like you, I think I still have a box or two of Girl Scout cookies left in the freezer. I really don’t like how they taste – or rather, their lack of flavor – anymore, so I find it easy to forget about them.

    Still, I ordered another box of Thin Mints from the Girl Scout who came to my door last week. See, I WAS that kid once upon a time, who HATED door to door sales, and I promised myself that if I was ever in the position to do so, I would order at least one box from every Scout to came to my door. Because I know how they feel.

    I figure I’ll use the Thin Mints as a crust for a cheesecake to take to a party or something. I’ll bet the Tagalongs would make a good crust, too, like for a peanut butter cheesecake with chocolate ganache on top.

  2. Different flavours of cookies- you Americans don’t know how good you’ve got it.

    Our spring offering (sandwich cookies, 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla) is pretty awesome fresh out of the freezer on a hot summer day, though.

  3. I used to order a lot of them, but now that the kids are teens and don’t eat cookies in a frenzy, it seems ridiculous to buy them. I might buy one box just because it’s a good cause.

  4. I can’t eat cookies because I’m allergic to eggs, citrus, wheat, and peanut butter, but I ordered a couple of boxes of thin mints and samoas for Operation…some thing I can’t remember…which send the cookies to soldiers in the middle East.

    I don’t support war, but I support human beings being able to enjoy a special treat. I also support little girls being involved in the community and earning cute little badges.

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