Airlines: They just don’t make sense

In the ever on-going airlinesin-the-news saga now we have from New Zealand: SkyCouches!  Yes.  Couch style seating where you and your very thin partner or two tiny children can cozy up during a long flight.

So it isn’t beyond comprehension to create bed style seating for people to lie together during flight but suggesting that an aircraft might stop reducing seat pan size or (heavens forbid!) actually INCREASE the hip-space allocated and drop a few seats is preposterous!

I think this sort of idea; one rejected in the process to create this new sky bed (Sorry, Sky Couch), would be fabulous for seating.  Offered as a slightly more expensive seat than usual but with the larger seatpan yet not with the ties to “business class” currently in place such a set of wider or (gasp!) even more comfortable seating would likely sell out pretty quickly if offered at a fair price and not the 1.75 cost that a person who “needs” two seats would be “graciously” offered by some.  But then again if I’m trying to argue that airlines do anything for the comfort of their passengers to ensure their future loyalty rather than for the appeal of quickly increasing revenue perhaps I’m barking up the wrong avian tree.


2 thoughts on “Airlines: They just don’t make sense

  1. A classic example of a panic generated phobia spinning anti-logic in every direction. I can just see the press conference:

    ‘We’ve created new a ‘Coach’ class because we feel there’s a demographic for it that might generate profits.’

    Really? What about bigger seats for bigger passengers?

    ‘Well, then we’d have to re-engineer the whole plane. Too costly.’

    You mean, like the way you re-engineered it for this ‘Coach’ Class?

    ‘ . . . . . There aren’t enough large passengers to justify the cost.’

    60% of the US population, a large percentage who fly regularly, isn’t a better demographic than your projected ‘Coach’ flyers?

    ‘. . . . .Fat people suck! Next Question!’

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