Ease into Monday Feb. 1

“Nothing in the health and medical fields has been proven more soundly, than the fact that focusing on weight loss is unlikely to lead to permanent weight loss and more likely to lead to weight cycling and weight gain. People who diet repeatedly over the years end up weighing more than they would have if they had never dieted. Weight cycling can make all the health problems weight loss supposedly helps (diabetes, hypertension, lipid abnormalities, etc.).”

~ From Dr. Jon Robison’s recently published Special Report through the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) called “10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Ease Concerns About Your Weight And Improve Your Health.”, via More of Me to Love blog.

It was an interesting read from Dr. Robinson that I suggest perusing if you have the time and inclination.  A few other good tidbits:

“Wouldn’t a quick fix to chronic and sometimes serious problems like overweight, diabetes, heart disease, and just plain low energy be terrific? If an advertiser or television personality tells you that they have the answer, and that medical practitioners either don’t know about it or don’t want you to know about it, be suspicious!”

“Terms such as “clinically proven” or “research proves” have no meaning. What clinic? What research?”

For those interested in knowing where information comes from; it looks as though Jon Robinson is a PhD holder and Holistic Health Promoter.

This was a fun way to start my Monday and I wanted to pass along the joy of reading a bit of proposed sanity mixed into the usual Monday bent of “Gotta make up for a weekend lapse, get those diets on track!” blather.

In other news; I started my spring semester of courses this past Thursday.  Both professors seem to really know their stuff and were interesting to listen to. I look forward to the coming discussions this week!  One professor who spends ample time going to Vietnam to work on building up libraries and library systems, also puts a head to those headless fatty photos in an amazing way.  She stalked around the room with ease and confidence and told of her encounters around the world.  I feel a bit awe-struck by the things she has done with her life.  She is definitely not someone who waited around thinking “I’ll go help those folks across the globe as SOON as my hips are slender enough for those airlines to approve of me”.  Fat life in action (which is just like other lives minus the mind-debilitating fear of living-while-fat) is a beautiful thing to see and hear about. I look forward to more on international librarianship from her.


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