Brief swim-update

I swam 15 laps in the pool last night. (A lap being 2 lengths, up and back)  Since I was using the alphabet trick* to keep track of them that means I got to letter “O”.  This also means that I am up to just under a half-mile of swimming (a full half mile is 17.6 laps) in a bit under an hour.  Certainly not breaking any speed records here but it felt great and I even slept well and look forward to tackling those 15 (or even 16 if I can work up to it) again next time.

Fat and happy and swimming.  That’s the way I love to be! It has never felt so good to not wait until a particular weight-loss goal in order to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

*Very quickly I realized I was repeating a series of the same few words and to stop it I tried to envision words I might use for the Scrabble games my husband and I play.  I like the idea that I’m working my mind as well as my body!


3 thoughts on “Brief swim-update

  1. I found you via the Fatosphere feed and I just wanted to say YAY SWIMMING. I’m a fat girl, and I’ve been swimming laps regularly for a couple of years now. I think it’s my favorite exercise because I always feel so awesome afterwards.

    I like the alphabet-swimming idea, though I’ve found that I’m not really thinking about too much of anything while I’m swimming. Interesting.

    • Christy I’ve been doing laps for over a year and still love it. I didn’t think I’d ever find something so relaxing and yet powerful feeling to do! And while fat 😀 Yay swimming indeed!

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