I’ve worn out the suit!

Well here’s a first: I’ve actually worn out a swimsuit intended for some lap-swimming!  In just a year and a half I’ve gotten to the point where my old Lands’ End suit was just too threadbare and falling apart thanks to all the usage it has gotten.  That’s a pretty unique feeling.  It is a mixed emotion of happiness to have found an activity I love and frustration at the need to replace an expensive garment item so relatively quickly*.

After browsing the swimsuit options Kate gave a while ago I ended up just looking up Lands’ End again to see if they were still making the tugless swimsuit I have now. They do and now I will have a brown version instead of the navy blue which was all that remained in December 2008.  The upside: new suit AND a color I enjoy more than navy blue.  Downside: about twice the cost of the clearance item from 2008 (darn you swimsuit season!!)

So as we in the northern hemisphere are heading towards the (rapidly) warming season if you find yourself looking for a pretty durable and (relatively) inexpensive swimsuit for laps; I do recommend this tugless suit.  It has served me very well at a rate of one or two weekly hour-long swim sessions for a year and a half.

Also, slightly related, in a breath of fresh air I have to applaud some words from Kimora Lee Simmons in response to her airbrushed images:

“I’m not the Hollywood mom that says you have to be a size 2 by tomorrow,” Simmons said. “I don’t think what you see in the magazines is what you should strive to be like, because all those images are heavily retouched. It’s more about your mental, emotional, and spiritual stability. If you make healthy life choices, you’ll look great. You should be comfortable at any size or any age. Whatever you have, you should be proud of yourself.”** (Emphasis mine)

As “Bikini/Bathing/Starve Yourself For Social Approval to Expose Skin to Sunshine” Season waxes into full gear, I think those words should be a sort of mantra: “You should be comfortable at any size or any age.” Rock on folks.  Be proud of yourself for being alive, for being the wonderful peeps you already are and if you happen to be shopping for the “dreaded” or “happily anticipated” swimsuit; try to remember that a size number is only a number; just like weight is only a numerical representation of one part of the entire picture that is Wonderful You.

Now I can’t wait for the new suit to arrive so I can begin to wear that one out too!

*And for having been WORN OUT; and not for changes in weight.  In fact I was able to order the same size as I did 1.5 years ago and feel happy to be at a stable weight, no matter that it is a number far higher than I would have ever dreamed of living at comfortably and healthily in my younger dieting days!

**Of course the power of this comment is a bit diluted by a follow-up whereby she responds to “But why do you have to airbrush? Can’t you just use your real beauty?” Simmons quickly replied: “Of course! I do! But every girl could use a lil retouch every once in a while no? Its all good!” (Insert Face Palm here)


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