On being busy

Most of what follows is rambles on the busy things I’ve been doing lately and short-term plans.

I’ve just finished the first draft of one of the remaining two large projects for my courses this semester.  39 pages single-spaced means lots of April D staring at a computer and trying to re-arranged seemingly endless lines of text.  The second project involves the indexing of an entire website which has ended up being rather larger and far more unwieldy an undertaking than I ever imagined a month or so ago when I began.  However even that is still moving along. These two projects are part of the reason writing here has been rather light lately.

I finished the concert at our church on Easter the other weekend and it went very well all considered (like the fact we’d only practiced all together with voices, hand-bells, piano and trumpets just that morning).

The hubby and I are looking into beginning the whole house-hunting process and will be spending the next few months saving up the difference between our current rent amount and our anticipated monthly mortgage payment to see if we’d be able to swing it.  Which also leaves us a bit of a savings egg started as a bonus.

I’ve been trying to plan a “surprise” birthday thing for my mother who lives over 600 miles away with an uncooperative brother and step-father so that’s been frustrating!  Still, it means Adam D and I might get to take a long train trip later this spring down to DC and it sounds pretty fun to us.  Of course this is in large part related to my intense lack of desire to fly there.  Maybe a very telling thing when we’d rather spend 7-9 hours on a train to do a trip that might take only 1 hour to fly because we think we’ll SAVE on time, energy and hassle. Especially seeing as I don’t think Hawaiian airlines flies from Boston to DC.  Related to this note, is anyone else to the point where (even if I personally couldn’t afford it) they would rather airlines just up and raise fares honestly instead of trying to nickle and dime customers and expecting us to feel grateful for it?

Our summer mini-cation is in the planning stages.  A weekend at a lake house in Maine with our friends who joined us last summer is scheduled for the end of August and I’m already way too excited for it.  It is also unbelievable to get to spend a full weekend at a house with lakefront access and a BBQ pit with good friends for less than the cost of one room for one night in a hotel room!  I love it.

What else?  In the fat front of life I find I’ve been finding myself very pleased with mental progress.  I am enjoying the attention of my husband and beginning to see myself with the same sort of loving eyes that he turns my way every day. Purchasing clothing is finally a full pleasure again instead of a sobbing trial in self-denial and misery.  I have a new pair of shorts and some cute polo tops from Lane Bryant thanks to some great coupons and I love that not only has my size remained constant since last summer (meaning my shorts and Capri still fit!) but that I have been able to more objectively look at size labels as just that: labels.  They are not a defining measure of my worth as a woman or even as a human; they are just labels (supposedly for “convenience” so you are able to quickly buy items just by knowing your “size label”.  However, I think anyone who has ever had to look at Comparison Charts for sizing differences between brands would disagree with THAT assertion).

I also just received my new swim suit in the mail yesterday afternoon (I think the UPS guys were laughing at me in my apron as I did the full-arms-in-the-air cheer upon opening the door to my package stuffed in there.*)  I’m especially happy since today is my swim day so I’ll get to try out the new suit and swim some lovely laps this afternoon. Ahhhhh! I LOVES swimming.

Adam D and I took a short hike late last week and it was great.  We explored the reservoir near our house and they’ve opened up the trails again so we got to see the overflow area and a lot of fantastic trails that I look forward to exploring again!  It’s fun to get my hubby outdoors more since if he had his way he’d keep his naturally thin body plugged in front of electronic entertainment all day.  But we’re having lots of fun with the start to hiking; yes, even him by his own admission!

Otherwise things over in Round Shape land is quiet.  I’m feeling that comfortable ease of a good life and enjoying every unanticipated moment of wonderful (if a bit hectic) bliss.

What’s new where you are?

Also, as an endnote; I just WISH this was actually the case (only more of a “Hey, EVERYTHING is in style, we’re all fabulous, natch!)


If only we could ALL be seen as profound. What a world that would be, eh?

*Dude, seriously; what is with the “Ring the bell and RUN” process for delivery folks of late? I understand that if you don’t need a signature there is no reason to stick around but  I was practically standing at the door when the bell rang and the guy was already back in his truck when I opened the door. I wonder if they get bonus points for sprinting?  I almost felt like I should cautiously look out to make sure there wasn’t a flaming bag of poo on my welcome mat!


8 thoughts on “On being busy

  1. entirely unrelated to this post: i am strongly considering attempting bellydancing, and i was wondering if you had any recommendations for beginners dvds, if you’ve tried any that is. 🙂

    related to this post: i’m glad things are going well and you are making me miss living in new england. 🙂

    • I’m glad I’m making you remember good things about New England at least! We’re actually having a decent spring the last few days so I’m pretty excited on that front!

      On to belly dancing. For DVDs I’ve not had much luck finding the good blend of learning moves and putting together choreography. Neena and Veena put out a lot of stuff but their emphasis is on fat-burning and muscle toning, rather than actually learning some moves to string together into a dance. They are fun though so if you can find them in a library system to check out it might be worth it. (I just found a short clip of them here too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1lT2J0IiUE)

      I do know there are some great women putting out instructional videos through youtube which can give some good tips on basic moves. (Expert village puts out a lot but my personal favorites are the ones done by “kimbrgsm1”. (Here’s her work on shimmies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy5jM-shAiY). She even does work on how to create choreographies so you can even learn a bunch of moves from her and then get tips on how to throw it all together to a piece of music!

      I hope those help! 🙂

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