Liking yourself and other Friday thoughts

There is a fantastic line that I had the pleasure of reading this morning:

“Being a woman who likes herself, is proud of herself, is impressed with herself, in public: There might not be a more subversive act.” – Sady Doyle

This line came to my attention via a fantastic post over at Shapely Prose.  I’d suggest to anyone having a day of self-doubt (or anyone really) to go and read not only the post, but the comments.  We human beings are amazing creatures.  And all too often we allow ourselves to downplay just how awesome we each are.  So let today be a Friday of “I am Awesome!” and let those folks over at SP (or here if you wish!) know just why you rock so much!

My own version of F-ing awesomeness goes something like this:

I am April Fucking D. I have my own blog, which I’ve been writing at for more than a year (actually, almost TWO!) and I’m pretty funny, articulate and expressive. I even have 244 people who subscribe to it; just to keep tabs on new posts, presumably so they can then read what I wrote!

I’m also really good at writing papers and just finished a 79 page area study on libraries in Poland for my Masters Degree (in a class where others were just yesterday bemoaning how they think their work will be “done” at 13 pages).

I am a really good belly dancer who always dances with a smile.

I am a passion-filled jazzy trumpet player.

I am really good at crocheting amigurumi creatures; something I taught myself only recently.

Oh, and lest I forget: I am also fucking cute. In actions, in fat adorable appearance, in words.

I have also made a grown man cry out “Where did you learn to do that”?! in ecstasy. Fuck yeah. April Fucking D. Don’t let the “cute” fool you on the “sexy”.

As I’ve already written before, the ability to say “no” to making apologies runs strong now in my mental mantra.  It is even stronger today as I re-assert the many ways in which I am really fantastic. I endeavor to keep self-deprecating comments from my mouth; instead my focus shall be on the amazing things I achieve, the small and the large. I wouldn’t hesitate to stop my friends and loved ones from making self-disparaging remarks about their skills or selves; why should I not also do the same of myself?

As another happy note to further encourage a good feeling this Friday, a quick one-word Google search for “Fat” now brings up Big Fat Blog: The Fat Acceptance Weblog as the second result, after Wikipedia.  To me this is a signal that even if there are obnoxious throngs of people stuffing their fingers in their ears, unwilling to lose their “innocent” belief in Fat as Wrong; the word IS getting out there that other options exist.  That, to me, speaks volumes.  Because even if those finger-in-ear folks are still out there crying out loudly, railing against all that is Being Fat, people are listening to the Fat Acceptance message.  Listening….and perhaps even… hearing.

So go forth my Round Shapers.  Go forth and be Fatly Awesome in all that you do.


3 thoughts on “Liking yourself and other Friday thoughts

  1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for pointing me at that SP entry, and for what you’ve written here. I needed to see my inner awesome today, and now it’s out there for the whole world to see.

    I wrote quite the glowing (deserved) review of myself over at SP, but here are a couple accomplishments I failed to include in that list:

    I pop out bon mots that make people ask if they were written by notable wits like Oscar Wilde, the Monty Python gang, or Dorothy Parker. Nope. They just came to me and came straight out of my mouth. Because I’m that witty.

    I have held the hands of friends on the verge of considering suicide and brought them back from the edge into the light.

    I can admit that I’ve been wrong. I can even do it without spending hours or weeks beating myself up about it. Everybody is wrong about something. I can get over it when I’m proved to be human. Sometimes I can even find the grace to thank the person who pointed my logic failure out to me.

    I had a job once washing dishes at a Russian Orthodox church (they served lunch after services). When I quit, they had to hire TWO girls to replace me. I was that good.

    • Ever so glad to help Twistie! One of my other under-appreciated talents is pointing out awesome things to awesome people. 😉 Oh, and causing others to smile; even when in the depths of the despair.(I was about to qualify this to note it as different from you pulling folks out of suicidal thoughts but 1) that denies the spirit of recognizing great gifts of humanity that we share 2) that defeats the entire purpose of the post about not trying to minimize our own abilities!) When asked to describe me in one word the one most often given to me is “sunshine” and I admit now that I really really like that.

      I’ve loved reading all of the ways that folks are wonderful over on the SP post!

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