What’s your weekend like?

Well I have a belly dance recital this Sunday.  I’ve finally been able to practice this week after a long semester of course work which has at last slowed down enough to allow time for things like dancing.  And sleep.  So if you’re up near Salem, New Hampshire (not Salem, Mass) this Sunday around 1:30pm; let me know and I can send you locale info; bring friends and come watch me and a bunch of other wonderful women of all shapes and sizes shake and shimmy!  🙂


Also?  The lilacs are out again.  These are my absolute, all time, full-on favorite flower/plant ever.  Beautiful deep purples, gorgeous light lavenders, even the washed out whites; all combine with deepest green foliage to create a bouquet of perfect eye-candy.  And the scent?  Unbelievable.  No candle can compare to the light but complex nose-flavor these blossoms put out into my brain.  Growing up we had some HUGE bushes of these lovely beauties.  I miss them.  Living in an apartment doesn’t allow for any sort of patio-potted version of these trees so I’ve had to love them from afar, enjoying their awesomness while at my mother-in-law’s (who is like some sort of dream-land mother-in-law luck-out by the way; love her!)  So perhaps tomorrow I will get to take a bit of time to walk around and enjoy some Lilacs.

What’s your weekend shaping up to be?  Do you have to work like I usually do the 3rd Saturday of each month?  Are you out and about?  Do you plant to stop and smell the lilacs (roses?)?


2 thoughts on “What’s your weekend like?

  1. I love lilacs. They’re tied with violets for my favorite flower. If I’m walking by a plant in bloom I always stop to take a deep breath – the scent of lilacs is unique and relaxing.

    When we finally get the landscaping on this house sorted out, I hope to plant one. Meanwhile, I make do with the neighbors’.

    • Violets are great too. I think I love their deep purple potential! I’ve already told Adam to expect that I will be slightly less than rational in our house hunt if we come across a place with wonderfully well established lilac bushes!

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