Otterly Adorable

In a fluffy version or perhaps extension upon my theme yesterday (ie: tolerance would be nice, but respect and appreciation for diversity would be even grander.  Also, don’t be a hateful person.); I wanted to share a post from zooborns which points out the birth of a few rare white otters who are bringing surprised but (at least to my reading) delighted responses.  Though to be fair I don’t know if I’m over-reading into the limited text given and I also don’t know if the same reception would have been given to a rare dark-furred otter if the species was usually white-furred.  Some interesting non-fluffy things to ponder there on the “special” quality of a white animal versus a non-white creature.

However, for now  I happen to love watching these little furry critters and found it heartening to read up on and see some adorable pictures of these great Asian Short-Clawed Otters.  Happy Friday. What sort of creatures make YOU go “awwww”?

White Asian Short-Clawed Otter cubs

White Asian Short-Clawed Otter cubs


12 thoughts on “Otterly Adorable

  1. fluffy, softy, yellow duckies with their mommy on a pond, especially if they are numerous and swim real fast hahaha 🙂 AWWW!

  2. ZOMG! OTTERS!!! I love them no matter what color they are.

    I have a thing for most baby animals, really, but the stranger the better. Baby sloths make me coo with delight. Baby lemurs make me squee. I long to take a good gander at a baby duck-billed platypus. The baby tapir I saw at a zoo made me all gooey inside.

    Oh, and I once saw an entire tank of tiny baby jellyfish at the Monterey Aquarium. It was so cool! It looked like this pulsating pink snow globe. Awesome.

    Then again, there was nothing like watching the miracle of my cat giving birth (not my present cat who is a neutered male, but one I had when I was about fifteen) to four adorable, tiny furballs. Two turned out to be manx like their mom, too.

  3. Well, they DO go nuts over all-black penguins, so that’s one piece of anecdata… (And seriously, monochrome penguins are cool regardless of which end of the spectrum they’re on.)

  4. I don’t think it makes any difference to scientists what colour the animals they study have. An example could be the black swan. Before it was first seen in Australia everybody thought all swans where white but after 1697 swans could be black and white. It is mostly with humans we like to discriminate because of colour. As long as animals look cute and/or beautiful the colour doesn’t matter….

  5. Hi! I’m sorry to leave this as an off-topic comment, but I can’t find contact info for you!

    I was wondering: Would you consider setting your blog’s RSS feed to “full posts” instead of just the first couple of sentences? I really like your blog, and want to read it — but I simply don’t have enough time to follow blogs I can’t read in my RSS feeder.

    In any case, thanks for the swell blogging!

    • Hmmm thanks for the question Ampersand. I’ve actually had a hard moment remembering WHY I set the truncated posts in the first place and am happy to return it to full RSS potential.

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