Shake, Shake, Shake Your Monday

Sorta fluffy Monday posting.  I’ve finally gotten the huge files from my belly dance recital back on May 2nd cut and uploaded to YouTube.  The trouble is that the camera wasn’t set to the highest settings so the quality is definitely grainier than I’d like.  Still, what better way to start the day (or even the week) than with some fat jingles?  I have a new costume and am excited to now be learning a few more dances!  And the tribal dances?  Are just incredibly fun!

Here’s my fast jingly bit:

Here’s my slower sword work:


8 thoughts on “Shake, Shake, Shake Your Monday

    • Thanks CTJen! I felt pretty rocking! (Albeit very WARM because this was the weekend that temperatures decided to rocket up to 90 up in the Northeast!!)

  1. I was link hoping in your blog…what song is that for the sword work?

    I adore sword work, and it was my choice for my first ever solo. I hard the hardest time ever finding a song though, and wound up a good one after weeks of hunting, but I love the one you use!

    For reference I ended up using “Naga” by Solace…found it on a mix on Amazon.

    • MidnyghtChilde: thanks! And yes the show was a bit on the long side!! I am so excited that anything I could write would have encouraged someone to get into bellydancing!

      For sewing I’ve been having to find patterns online and tweak them. The blue and brown cholis are taken from this pattern but it only goes up to double D : But I think if anyone is good at modifying patterns this would be a good one to use. Especially since the stretchy velvet is stretchy fabric.

      The red top was shiny red fabric draped over a halter-top style padded black bra with lots of shininess added 🙂

      Sword music is Goddess Dance Cycle- Chiftitelli (Isis) by Alan Scott Backman.

  2. Thank you for the info April – my fellow dancer is learning to sew because its hard to find costumes, so I sent her the links to give them a try!

    Happy shimmying!

    • No problem MidnyghtChilde! I hope the links help because I totally know how difficult it can be to find a costume that fits anything over a size 8/10!! 🙂 happy sewing and shimmying to you and your fellow dancer(s)!

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