Followup on a follow-up

So yesterday I did manage to get through my follow-up gastroenterology appointment.  I guess that I didn’t really need to get so worked up over all the many items on my mental laundry list of paranoid concern.  Certainly it would have been difficult to raise many concerns at all in the 3 and a half minutes I was actually permitted to speak with the doctor after waiting an HOUR to see her.

Do not want

Do not want. Do not have to submit

Mind you, this was not “I showed up an hour early, how dare she not see me early” style of late but more of an  “I was here 20 minutes before my 3pm appointment and was barely dragged off to sit in the inner sanctum at 4pm” kind of late.  The explanation? “Oh, they overbooked me and then stuffed even MORE folks in afterward!”  My feeling is that I’d have far rather gotten a courtesy call the day before asking if I’d be willing to reschedule than end up blowing an hour of sick time so I could go sit in their waiting room trying desperately to concentrate on reading my book rather than hearing the piercingly loud commercials emanating from the “Health Net” flat screen TV taking up 1/3rd of the small space’s wall area.  Seriously, I saw the commerical-esque material end up LOOPING I was there so long.

Anyway, regarding the trepidation I had about asking not to be weighed, that was easily the simplest part of the appointment.  A mere “Oh I don’t do scales” was accepted without bluster or question.  Huh-ZAH!

However, the condescending attitude of the doctor (again, the nurse practitioner) is not something I’d like to continue to experience.  When you assert that things are actually going very well and get harassed “Are you sure you’re eating well?  Getting enough nutrients?  The RIGHT nutrients? I want you to make sure that everything that goes into your mouth counts” as if I’m sort of naughty child sneaking her hand into a cookie jar every five minutes simply by merit of existing in this larger body, which, I might add, is the SAME level of large that it was a year ago.  So it seems I have a year to seek out another provider if I end up deciding that this sort of behavior bothers me enough to switch.  While the barrage of “are you SURE you’re doing this ‘living’ thing right?” questions was irritating, the 1 hour of tardiness so I could have the privilege of paying my, admittedly low but still, $10 co-pay for 3 to 4 minutes of actual face-to-face doctor time was more the issue for me.  If their time is so valuable that it merits $25 for a missed appointment than I feel the same courtesy should extend to me in return.

So that’s the result.  I’m doing well, I have 2 minutes worth of good information to add to my IBS regime and I had no troubles asserting my right not to have to suffer through an in-office weighing.

Aside from waiting so long for this all to go down, I was pretty pleased with the ease of making that small “I don’t do scales” announcement.  It was so freeing that my blood pressure and pulse ended up being rather good measures as well 🙂

Happy sunny Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “Followup on a follow-up

  1. Ugh, I hate when they do that with the appointments. Like our time isn’t valuable the way their time is! BLARGH! I’m glad your appointment went well, though. Also, FUCKING “Health”net! The worst!

    Out of curiosity, have you considered going to a naturopathic MD for the IBS?

    • @CTJen I hadn’t thought about it but will look into naturopathic MDs now and see if they are covered or something to consider, thanks for the idea!

      @KellyK I think if I didn’t have a book I might have been up at that desk more than the once that I DID go just to demand I either be seen or rescheduled…or if they could shut off that damned Health Net thing!

  2. Gah. I’m sorry they made you wait so long, and that you were subjected to all that condescension.

    I wonder what would happen if people just left after waiting a reasonable time (say, half an hour). I think my father-in-law does that…I may have to ask him some time if they’ve tried to charge him for a missed appointment or been snotty about rescheduling.

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