Fantastic words to start my Monday

I saw this image over at Fatuosity’s great blog and really felt it hit home for how I feel this morning as I start another week.

This makes me smile

This makes me smile

For those not able to see the image or who (like me) might have trouble reading light pink on a white background the text reads:

“I don’t exercise and eat a balanced diet to discipline myself for your viewing pleasure. I do it to get stronger so it hurts more when I punch you in the skull for spewing your body-policing fatphobic bullshit.”

Granted I’m not a huge fan of anything which promotes violence (I mean come on, punch you in the skull???) but I feel that the majority of this is really spot on: My reasons for doing what I do with my own body are my own and none of anyone else’s business!

In sum-up news from the past week:

The concert I played outdoors on Thursday evening (July 22nd) on the green of a local college campus was Fantastic!  The weather (or humidity at least) had dropped for the day and it was actually bearable to be out in a white top and black pants, tootling along on my trumpet.  The full playlist of our Summer Pops concert can be found here.

I actually squeezed in some lap swimming before the concert and had a great dance session on Friday in practice for the small belly dance show we’ll be having this coming weekend for a local nursing home.  I still need to finish my new bright red costume for this show but should have it done enough to wear by then; though I’ll be adding a LOT more beaded fringe!

    The summer class I am taking is in its final week this week.  All we have to do is finish coding up 10 pages for the website we’ve been creating (we =  myself and 3 others in a collaborative on-line group).  It has been an interesting struggle to co-ordinate 4 people in an online format but quite frankly I feel this has been by far the best and smoothest bit of group work I’ve ever had to take part in.  And this is with acknowledging that one of our members has been mysteriously MIA for about a week and a half now!

    Adam D and I have dialed back on our house-hunting efforts.  Since we have no really compelling need to move right now (sure there are plenty of reasons we’d LIKE to; it isn’t a necessity), we are taking more time to enjoy the fairly low rent we pay for an amazing apartment, paying off more bills and saving up more of a down payment.

    Our CSA is proceeding fabulously!  I recently had the pleasure of eating fennel for the first time.  Adam D and I have decided that while we will eat them; beets are not really our favorite veggie.  But we have a new-found LOVE for Swiss Chard! And fresh corn on the cob is some sort of heaven-sent blessing.  Also? Fresh and sun-warmed tomatoes cut onto some crusty rosemary and olive oil bread from Shaw’s Supermarket with mayo, seasoned salt and pepper = orgasmic food joy!

      This Saturday I made potato salad for a family gathering in Connecticut.  Everyone LOVED it.  Gushed over it.  One of my aunts who tried to start-up a convo about how she’s on WW again and “just lost 13 pounds!” blah blah went for seconds (with no recriminations from me; or even the rest of the family for that happy matter).  The secret?  Bacon.  Yes, that’s right: bacon.  If you’re jonesing for a recipe it goes something like this:

      • About 6-7 fist-sized red skinned potatoes, washed, cubed and boiled until tender, then cooled
      • 5-6 hard-boiled and cooled eggs diced up
      • Good amount of Hellman’s real mayo
      • About 1/2 pound of smoked maple flavored bacon fried until crisp, drained of excess oil, cooled and crumpled into the mix
      • Some season salt, pepper, garlic powder and about a tablespoon of spicy brown mustard.
      • Enjoy!

      So that’s how my weekend went and the happy endorphins from such a cluster of good events and happenings are leading into a powerful start to the week; encouraged by the image above which mostly serves to remind me that all of my eating and exercise habits are my own business.


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