New blog look, recap of 2+ years of content, link love

New blog look:

So Round Shape has updated its look.  Or, to be less passive, I’ve updated the theme on my blog to reflect the way that I feel about it.  That is to say, that this is an electronic notepad into which I jot the many thoughts I have regarding my own life as a lap-swimming, trumpet-playing, belly dancing, crochet pattern-crafting, fat, white, cis-gendered, married without children, woman living in the North Eastern US of A.

Since this new theme is sans header I decided to add a recent picture to the top of my right-hand column.

Basically: new look, same author and generally fat-life related content.

Recap of 2+ years of content:

Oh and this comes as I enter the second month of my now 3rd year of blogging here. That’s  over two solid years of posting on my own experiences and thoughts.  Holy heck.  How does time go by so happily and quickly sometimes?

To recap these few years I decided to look back at my posts which seemed to get the most traffic:

By far my most popular post is for my Amigurumi Hummingbird pattern, which has seen a lot of action since its posting last December.  Who’d have thunk it?

A more blog-title-related post with a large amount of readership was my rambling about getting a shorter haircut with the dreaded “Chubby Face”. This might explain why my absolutely top, of all time, search term leading here is “hair styles”.  Well I do hope some folks stumble across that page and realize that there are no really and truly arbitrary hair style limits they must adhere to based simply on the size or shape of their head!

Lastly, three other posts which I really enjoyed seeing at the top of my list of popular posts were “Who LOOKS Fat vs. Who IS fat” and “Muffin Top, who lives in every lane” and a bit further down after my “about” page and a few others, “Fasting reminds me why I don’t diet anymore.”

Link love:

Since I’ve been reveling this past week in the joy of not having classwork due, thanks to the end of my summer course just this Sunday with the handing-in of an entire website coded and loaded by myself and 3 others, and reveling in the celebrations of my Adam D’s recent birthday this Monday, I’ve been reading but not really writing my thoughts on a few topics going around.  So here I’m going to share some link-love for folks doing some amazingly thought-provoking or smile-provoking things in the spheres I read.

Stiletto Siren has to be one of my favorite fashion blogs to watch, especially considering I’m no-where near a fashion (or fatshion) person myself.  Her poses and sass and the outfits she showcases are wonderful to see, as is her wit wonderful to read.  This most recent post actually excited this normally jeans and polo-shirt wearing woman to consider a few spunky dresses of her own!  Rock on Stiletto Siren!

Bri over at Fat Lot of Good has a nice response to “estimations” that obesity will and will continue to further degrade quality of life in us fatties.

Estimation is not science people. Estimation is not cold hard fact. Estimation is not causation. Sorry Dr Jia but estimation just isn’t good enough. So you can take your brilliant idea that my weight affects my quality of life and you can jam it.

Brilliantly put Bri!!  And this comes, in my mind at least, in conjunction with the idea being circulated now that calling people “fat” instead of “obese” will ensure an INCREASE in the shame people feel about their bodies, which proponents of this idea claim is the Best Idea Evah!  Corpulent does a fantastic break-down of this insanity and Obesity Timebomb shares some equally interesting thoughts.

Big Liberty does a nice wrap up collection of the main thoughts and her own reflections on what quickly became a Lane Bryant kerfuffle regarding a designer’s proposed fat-acceptance t-shirt logo of “Does this shirt make my fat arse look fat?” and LB’s knee-jerk “OMG!  That’s AWFUL!!” response.  Was LB just trying to rally for its customers but not quite getting the concept of positive reclaiming of the word/concept “fat”?  Was it innocent mistake or calculated in the hopes of rallying customer support?  What’s your take?

That’s the interesting stuff I’ve been following this week and last.  Anything great that I’ve missed??


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