Bit of Fashion: Early Halloween Costumes for Fatties!

I need a good costume idea for Halloween.  And I think my increasingly efficient online searching skills (thank you library degree in the works!) have helped me to find some great places to look for ideas; and even costumes for sale up to a size 12x!! So I wanted to share those sites as well as bat around a few ideas for those, like me, who enjoy and have the time or energy to make their own costume.

So, a few days ago I got sucked into Big Liberty’s post showing off this gorgeous scarf dress and for some reason get side-tracked into all sorts of online window-shopping. In particular, since the weather has been absolutely glorious these last couple of days; reminiscent of a cooler Autumn day with breezes on the chill side, hints of pumpkin pie, apple cider, hay-filled wagon rides and the dulcet tones of haunting melodies; I have been thinking of Halloween.

My husband and I as color kids

La La and Red Butler, poised with their color-power, ready to strike at anyone threatening to undo the rainbow! Halloween 2009

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays; probably second after Easter (A good Polish Easter feast has nothing on any of the other holidays. Homemade horseradish over hard-boiled eggs and kielbasa on fresh baked bread… but I digress.)

At any rate, I had been getting discouraged in my efforts to find the perfect set of keywords to search that would somehow deliver before mine eyes the perfect holiday costume idea. For myself and my hubby.

myself as "eve" with fake snake and leaves

We were both sporting clothing nearly matching our skin tones and these strategically placed leaves. I was also sporting a quickly made-up snake of foam, duct tape and I think a paper towel tube. Halloween 2008

I tend to like dressing myself and Adam D as a fun couple venture.  Last year we were both color kids from Rainbow Brite.  The year prior we were Adam and “Eve”. (Though I do recall referring to myself as “Lilith” the night of the party we attended)  Both were incredibly fun to make and wear.  2009 was pretty intricate to make, 2008 was very simple and mostly involved finding some nearly skin-toned (for us) things to wear under our leafy adornments.

Now I’m on the hunt again for a fun idea and coming up with precious few.  I love to be innovative and like to avoid the chintzy quality of the incredibly expensive “for purchase” options usually available in Halloween costume shops.  I’m not looking to make home-made versions of things like “Fork and spoon” or “Ball and chain” or “Plug and outlet” or any other of the usual things touted as “couples costumes”.  I’m also not a fan of costumes marketed as stereotypes of some ethnicity.

But what to focus on as a theme? Harry Potter kids?  Meh, maybe.  Adam WOULD make a pretty stellar Harry and I could probably rock as Ginny Weasly.  But I’m not quite sold on it. Toy Story 3 characters?  Again, perhaps but those seem like pretty labor-intensive costume ideas and I’m not sure I’m up to so much sewing this year. Tinkerbell? Or, more accurately, Fairy Mary? Who, by the way, I’m really hoping they make a doll of soon; I’d be all over that chubby fairy action!!!  But for costumes, I can’t really find a design I like and the boy fairies in those movies are not something Adam was keen to emulate.  So what to try?  I love Disney movies and concepts but finding a costume (or even pattern for the sewing adventure potential) which fit anything over the “whopping” size of 14 was disappointing at best. I know I created the Color Kids costumes on my own but I think such creative crafting might be a bit out of reach for this year’s budget of time, money and energy.

So, I’m still hunting out some ideas but for the time being I do want to share what I have happily come across during my hunt, in addition to what I already scouted out last year*, so as to kick-start the imaginations of anyone else looking around and already thinking or planning for October celebrations in August!  And if you have some fun suggestions, feel free to shout them out in the comments.

Online Finds:

Big Gals Plus Size Lingerie

This site, in addition to swimwear, clubwear and lingerie, offers a rather good list of plus-sized women’s costumes available in sizes up to 12x; dress sizes 14-38 according to the site.  That is by far the largest size range I’ve ever happened across!

The models are all actually larger women and more diverse than I’ve ever seen, even online.  So that was another happy find!  There are costumes from Leia to Disney-esque Mermaids to “sexy” Fairies; and quite a few choices in between.  Like most pre-made costumes though these don’t run cheap.  You’ll pay about $60 for a Superwoman costume with very little fabric, the quality of which is uncertain.  Again, though, sizes up to 12x and a good spread of ideas!

I’m liking this Princess Leia costume!

Plus Size Costumes

The selection is limited to a handful of options but there is a Women’s section AND a Men’s section (though, by “section” I mean: “Arabian” Prince or Pirate which, as I indicated above, I’m not too keen on).  Prices, again, are pretty steep at around $85 to $100.  Sizes range from 1x to 6x though.  They do offer custom orders though for a fee and I’m really loving this custom Saloon girl costume they did.

Annie’s Costumes

This is a find from a comment on last year’s post.  There is a range of plus-sized costume options for men and women, with a “deluxe” range of offerings that will set  you back $300 or so for each outfit.  I like that the models used are actually the size of the items offered. Men’s sizes are “Available in XXLarge (Fits up to Jacket Size 52) and 3X (Fits up to Jacket Size 56)” with prices for non-deluxe outfits at around $50-$70. Women’s sizes are “Fits dress sizes 14-22” mostly; though some only go 14-16 and a very select few go up to 24.  Costs are roughly the same as for the men, about $50-$70 each.

So, again, there are not many choices out there so I put it to you, dear readers, what gems of online or brick & mortar Halloween Costume finds have you come across?  Do you have a favorite costume you like to sport?  Is August really too soon to think about Halloween? Stores are already offering their Big Bags of Candy…

*hmmm I never did make myself a “Belle” costume; maybe this year? Though Adam might have to be Gaston or perhaps Lumiere, because I never did like the Beast that much or Gaston either really; they were both a set of jerks quite honestly.  So perhaps Lumiere! 😉  We’ll see if my mind is ready for the monumental task of a Belle Gown… or perhaps Belle’s peasant dress


15 thoughts on “Bit of Fashion: Early Halloween Costumes for Fatties!

    • Heh. Bald Soprano that would be awesome and right up my medieval alley. Perhaps a bit too obscure for most though 😉 We had a hard enough time explaining the Color Kids last year…Adam kept getting asked if he was the Red Power Ranger… *facepalm*

  1. I went one year as a naughty nun (bought a nun’s costume, ripped it up, and wore it with some handcuffs) and hubby when as the devil. It was hilarious. The year before, I went as a bar wench…my corset propped my jugs up so much they made a shelf. You could’ve put a potted plant on them and a bust of Shakespeare…it was amazing.

    But in years past, lacking a budget, I’ve gone to parties in a sleeveless top with a sticker on my chest saying, “Amendment 2”. Most people didn’t get it…usually I had to explain that it was “the right to bear arms” 🙂

  2. Simplicity has some nice plus sized costume patterns, though two of them are ethnic stereotypes: A pseudo-geisha and a gypsy. But the rest of them are pretty good, including a witch/angel/whatever costume that has a robe that could be turned into pretty much anything with some creativity and the right trim. They also just came out with a colonial dress pattern that I think could easily become a fairy godmother, made in twinkly fabric and with a cool hat and wings!

    • OC I love simplicity patterns and have a bunch of them. I think at some point we might do a colonial era thing because some of those patterns are fabulous! I think for this year though that we’ll try our hands at being “Red Shirts” from the first generation of Star Trek 😉

  3. The best fat-acceptance couples costume I ever saw was at a NAAFA convention. A couple came with a black garbage bag on each (with head and arm holes) – hers had a sign that said “I’m Hefty” and his had a sign that said “I’m Glad”. Halloween for “fat-admirers”, I guess. Cool!

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