TV Ads: What they’re really saying

Just a quick Friday note, scheduled to post while I’m on my way up to our mini-cation in Maine.

I think the chicken-cartoon artist who draws those Savage Chickens cartoons hits the nail right smack dab on the head with this one:

From Savage Chickens

All TV Commercials, paraphrased: "You're Not Good Enough"

Very clearly stated.  Remember, just because many businesses thrive on trying to convince you that you are only worthy of this life if you hate yourself enough to want to use their products, it isn’t true.  You ARE good enough, just as you are.  Right now.

So go forth this Friday and remember that you are enough.  Good enough, worthy enough, just: enough.  Without change.  Without conditions. Without altering yourself at all.  You. Are. Remarkable.


3 thoughts on “TV Ads: What they’re really saying

  1. Here’s something you might find interesting.

    Last night we were watching “House” season 5 (we catch up on our fave American shows via Netflix), and one of the plot lines involved a young woman who ran her own fitness empire (diet, exercise, etc, like a boot camp) who touted that all you needed to be slim was a good diet, lots of exercise, and a winning attitude. She came to House because she’d passed out during one boot camp and was being monitored as to the cause.

    Turns out she’d had gastric bypass surgery, claiming her body was like “a prison” and “when I got thin, I got healthy and I got happy”. She exercised fanatically, even on a broken ankle (which she couldn’t feel because her nerves were starting to go).

    After a lot of research and testing, House figures out what the cause it, and when he explained it, I nearly cried. Turns out if she’s skinny, she’s unhealthy: her liver couldn’t produce a certain enzyme to maintain her health. But as a heavy person, it could, and she was fine.

    So he limps into her room with a giant chocolate cake, takes a bit on a fork, and says, “Down the hatch (making airplane noises)! Doctor’s orders!” When she refused, he explained, “As it happens, you’re a lot more healthy when there’s a lot more you. You can either start a high carb, high glucose diet and solve the problem, or take medication the rest of your life which isn’t really a long-term solution.”

    She tells him, “I want the medication”. He replies: “Fine. I completely understand that you’d rather be ‘beautiful’ than healthy.” And he leaves the room looking disgusted (even more so than normal). I had hubby replay it few times because it felt amazing to hear and see something like that on the telly. Felt like running a few laps around the lounge and pumping my fists…

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