A bit of fashion today: boots for 19 inch calves

Well I did promise a bit of fashion awesomeness last week and today I bring you: the boots I’ve found to FIT my wonderful and large calves.  I’ve been on the hunt for some awesome, tall, black boots for some time now.  My search was put into an even higher gear when I decided that Adam D and I would be Red Shirts from Star Trek’s original series.  I needed to have those stellar tall boots to rock out that “skant” costume (which is what it is called on the actual pattern if you search for it!)  However, as anyone with calves measure anything over 16 inches who has hunted for tall boots might tell you: there is VERY little market around to cater to us.  And you can probably forget hunting in brick and mortar stores!

I did find a few places (online of course) happily proclaiming their sale of boots for even up to 17 inches.  WideWidths.com, for example, offer three size categories of widths; ranging from 16 to 21 inches.  Wow!

After measuring my calf at home I found that this here dancer, swimmer and fatty has a 19 inch calf.  Well, I still fit into the category of “Super Wide Widths” (which, honestly, what is with retailers and all these different manners of phrasing large sizing? “Super Wide”, “Right Fit”, “Plus Sized”, “Woman’s”, etc.  Why can’t you just say “18-21 inch calf boots” and leave it at that??  Doesn’t leave potential patrons scrounging through your website in an attempt to find out what you mean by “Super awesome wow sized boots” or whatever!).

However, even a peek into the “sale” page shows the least expensive item is still $90!  The cheapest Super Wide boot is $139.  Now I know that I, personally, despise the event that is “Shoe Shopping” and perhaps it is just that inherent distaste creeping up here, but I don’t feel that spending that much on a boot is in my budget (financially or mentally).  That’s a lot of money that I feel could be better spent.

VERY happily, I happened upon a fantastic sale at Lane Bryant for these boots.  They are marked at about $50 but the sale had them at half off: $25.  The details indicate they are only for a 17 inch calf.  However, as I’ve come to do with anything I’m about to buy online, I checked out the customer reviews.  Can I just add for a moment how much I LOVE this feature?  While we all know it is possible for a bunch of disgruntled folks to leave much negative feedback (or, alternately, for friends and such to fluff a product’s review in the positive vein) I’ve found that by reading most reviews you can get a feel for how the average person felt about the item.

For these boots at LB a few people noted that they even fit on 18 inch calves!  Since they appeared to be stretchy I thought I’d go for it.  I’ve never bought shoes online and was a bit dismayed to see there was no true size-chart for shoes that would let me know what size I should get.  So I bit the bullet and figured most of my shoes (the few I have) are around a size 10 and ordered the 10W boot.

Very shortly after I went to the store to pick them up (free shipping!) I was home and trying them on.  I was grinning from ear to ear. Reviewers who noted the iffy quality of the zipper were correct, but they were also right that it is possible to simply pull the boot on.  And I was pleased as punch!  I was wearing snazzy boots.  On my 19 inch calves.  For less than $30!!  Oh yes, the rejoicing was long and loud!

So without further ado; here are those same beautiful boots; along with the finished Star Trek red shirt outfit (and homemade tricorder!)  I can’t wait to get a bit cooler weather here more consistently so I can wear these babies somewhere with other Autumn outfits!!  Happy Post-Labor-Day fashion days. 🙂

tall black boots and star trek outfit

Hey guys! Star fleet even gave me this nifty new tricorder for my first away mission!! 😀


10 thoughts on “A bit of fashion today: boots for 19 inch calves

  1. Awesome! Just be careful on your next away mission! Make sure to take other red shirts to give you a fighting chance.

    Either that or become the plucky comic relief. Plucky comic relief tends to survive.

    • Twistie if I can make sure to blurt out my full name before a commercial my chances of survival increase as well 😉 If, however, all I get is “Hey! You! Go survey behind that rocky outcropping that none of us can see around” I’m screwed…

  2. ROCKIN’!!! I might have to break down and buy that actual pattern. It looks stellar on you, and way better than the t-tunic style I did last year. WTG!

    • Thanks CTJen! I didn’t end up splurging on the pattern (it is $20 just for the pattern; which only goes to size 20!) but rather got a simple dress from Dharma Trading and dyed it red. I hope to have an entire post up soon about the entire costume process for myself and Adam because it was fun and there were lots of interesting “hiccups” along the way! 🙂

  3. Just curious….I googled “18 inch calf on woman” because I bought half chaps today (leather calf guards) for english horse-back riding, and it took two women and the LARGEST size they make for MEN to get me into some. Now I have always known I’m ‘fat’ but being barely under the cusp of ‘sorry we don’t make that size here’ was a serious slap in the face. Anyways, I googled it and this sight came up and I’ve read quite a few posts. I’ve laughed a little, related alot, but I’m also curious, what is FA? and where can I find this “fantasy of being thin”? I haven’t started the path to self acceptance. I wouldn’t know where to begin. I’m knee deep in self hatred and tits deep in fat. I haven’t given up on the hope I will be thin…..I just feel like I don’t belong in my own skin.

    • Ashwee: First welcome! Second: FA is “Fat Acceptance”. Also called by some Size Acceptance. The most simple and basic tenet of which boils down to: No one deserves stigmatization for the size or shape of their body.

      This is the post most often referred to when someone references the “FOBT” or “Fantasy of Being Thin”: http://kateharding.net/2007/11/27/the-fantasy-of-being-thin/

      It was my first read in the world of FA and really meant a lot to me when I read it. It is hard feeling like an unwelcome visitor in your own skin and reading other FA blogs and just taking that one thought “What IF I don’t hate myself?” and mulling it over meant a lot for my own path to self acceptance.

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