Fat Art: A break from ranting

Did you lose a shoe?

Fat fantasies and fat magical nights exist too and are just as charming.

Since I’m a bit burnt on reacting to and ranting about (and lately even just reading about) the fat hatred this world seems determined to shove down our collective throats over and over incessantly, I’m going to give a quick little post here to showcase my most recent fat-positive bit of artwork.  I’ve done a piece with a fat Cinderella and fat Prince.  Not only that, but I’ve switched their roles a bit and have Cinderella finding and returning a lost shoe to the Prince.

In other breaks from the hatred though; I LOVE Tim Gunn’s recent words (pointed out by Big Fat Blog) on how he would love to work on a fashion collection for women above size 16 because our available options are just awful.

“If I were to do a clothing line, it would be for sizes 16 and higher. Because I really believe that those women are truly a neglected population, and when I visit department stores and I go to the shop that’s called “woman,” I am horrified! Horrified by the awful, degrading, disrespectful choices that women have. It is mind boggling. I mean, selecting these gigantic prints, and it’s… I mean, who wants to look like a couch?”

Rock on Gunn.  I would even drop my mostly non-fashion stance to buy and love your clothing-line offerings!  So bring that line!!!  Encourage others to do the same.

Enjoy this happy quote and bit of artwork while I work on homework and try to think of recipes to use up this week’s CSA veggie: red cabbage. (Already ate last week’s butternut squash and this week’s acorn squash in a delicious haze of baked squash glory…nom).  Recipe suggestions appreciated too for that giant red cabbage.


10 thoughts on “Fat Art: A break from ranting

  1. Tim Gunn has been my imaginary gay celebrity boyfriend since the first time I laid eyes on him. Now he’s doing things that make me love him even more. In fact, I was looking at his new book recently (I’m only waiting for my paycheck to buy a copy!) and was heartened to see how he thinks about people who mistreat and undertip waiters. In particular I loved that he wrote that if he was a waiter and people treated him like he sees other people treating waiters, he wouldn’t do anything deadly, but he would certainly slip the odd laxative pill into cups of coffee. I’ve never known a server who didn’t have a fantasy like that.

    I might have known he would make me happy talking about clothes for women my size and up. Design for me, Tim!!! I’ll wear your clothes and feed you fresh, homemade scones!

    Tim is my woobie in a big way.

    Loving your take on Cinderella. It’s making me giggle for joy.

    I know I’ve got some good red cabbage recipes. Let me dig a little and I’ll send something along.

    • Twistie I’ve just put myself on the list at the library for Tim’s new book; thanks for the suggestion! 😀 And I’d love some recipes if you find some for red cabbage. I figure it is much the same as green cabbage but have been enjoying trying new ideas so if I can make something other than golabki I’ll be a happy camper! 🙂

      Also, glad my Cinderella rendition brings happy giggles!

      • Wheeeee! Another Tim Gunn fan on the horizon!!! I hope you enjoy his book. He’s got a lovely breezy conversational style that I’m betting you’ll enjoy.

        Now, on to cabbage. Actually, red cabbage is pretty different from green in terms of the best cooking methods and compliments. Red cabbage does really well with braising and other slow cooking methods, and pairs extremely well with sweet things like apples and cinnamon. It also improves when cooked with red wine or beer.

        Here’s a great recipe from The Vegetarian Epicure Vol II:

        Red Cabbage with Apples

        2lbs. red cabbage, cored and shredded
        1 medium sized yellow onion, chopped
        1 1/2lbs tart green apples (about 3 large), peeled, cored, quartered, and sliced
        1/2Cup butter
        1tsp salt
        2Tblsp brown sugar
        2Tblsp cider vinegar
        1/4tsp ground cloves
        pinch of cinnamon
        pinch of nutmeg
        black pepper
        3/4Cup beer

        saute cabbage, onion, and apples in the butter for about 10 minutes, stirring often. Add the salt, brown sugar, cider vinegar, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper to taste and the beer. Stir mixture well, cover, lower the heat, and let simmer for an hour, stirring only occasionally.

        The cabbage can be served at this point, but improves if it is allowed to cool and reheated several hours later or the next day,

        Enjoy! Seriously, this is good eating.

        • Oooo Twistie thanks for the recipe!! Do you think red wine might work with this instead of beer? (No beer drinkers in the house) Might be just the side-dish to make for my handful of relatives coming to dinner this weekend!

          • It would make the dish sweeter, but it would probably work just fine. I think the reason the author of the recipe went with beer rather than wine is for the slight bitter edge of it.

            By the time you finish cooking it, it won’t taste like beer, but if wine is something you have on hand and beer isn’t, then I feel pretty sure it will be perfectly fine.

  2. I LOVE your non-conventional Fatarella princess. :0)

    For your red cabbage, here’s a recipe:

    – cut your red cabbage in 8 parts
    – boil it 5 minutes with allspice
    – drain
    – put in the slow cooker with pre-cooked maple sausage and leftover potatoes (for as long as needed, say 9 hours at low)

    There will probably be «greasy water» in the pot. Drain before putting everything in a Pyrex plate, with a mild cheese you like, and broil it ’till golden.


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