Dancing: so much fun was had

Red costume which has been seen before

This Red costume started the show.

Well I had my belly dance recital yesterday.  It was 2 hours and 15 minutes of sheer, exhilarating fun!

I danced in 11 numbers (whew!) and had a shimmery sheen of sweat by the end, though that was mostly from jogging up and down the stairs between every number to go change into the next costume or get the next props!

I was happy to get to dance with my sword, with zills, with veil, cane, tambourine…  in 4 different costumes! I even drummed for one number while the teacher danced her solo.

There was quite a nice showing of audience members and our little fundraiser seemed to do pretty well.  While I do feel that the show was a bit long (not only for us but for the folks hanging out watching on hard church pews!); overall it was a beautiful showcase of the skills and joy of dancing to be had by woman of a good diversity of (at least) size, shape and age.

So the happy Monday moment I bring you today is pictures of my latest show.  New costumes, new dances (though videos for that aren’t up yet) and so much “joie de vivre”; something remarked upon by all my friends who came to watch!  Happy Fat Monday Shimmies!

Drumming for one number

I love getting to use my drum! Plus it gave my body a chance to rest between dances!

Dancing with sword on head

We nailed the sword dance! It was elegant, smooth and looked impressive!

Royal blue costume with veil

This costume was only used for my solo but it was one I made in one day. Loved it!

Tribal garb, spinning

Tribal Improv ended the show! What a great bit of entertainment in the form of joyous dancing expression. I shimmied my fat body and loved every minute of it!

So that’s my little presentation of Fat Dancing Fun.  Many costumes that I loved getting to wear and 2 hours of good times had by all (except maybe the few kids who were likely climbing the wall having to sit still that long!  Maybe next time we can invite any kids up on stage with us for a number!!)

May this small photo post be a fervent reminder that your thoughts on your own body should not inhibit you from doing those activities you feel are only allowable at a particular size or shape.  Glory in the body you have today; not the one you’d wish to have tomorrow!!  Shimmy, shake what your mama gave you and smile the whole time for the miracle such movement is!


14 thoughts on “Dancing: so much fun was had

  1. Dang! You made that spiffy blue number in one day? It turned out gorgeous. I’m also lusting over your brown outfit from the tribal improv.

    And then there’s that great big gorgeous April D smile.

    I wish I could have been there to see this in person.

  2. Delurking to say oh my goodness, you are absolutely gorgeous! Especially in that red outfit, totally awesome. I did bellydance last year for the first time, loved it, but was too scared to sign up for more than one number at our final recital. Your advice sounds like what our teacher used to tell us, too – “When in doubt, big smile and shake your booty, I guarantee no one will notice that you missed a step or two.” Long may you dance! 🙂

    • Thanks for de-lurking 32-P (especially with such a nice compliment! ^.^) Indeed: as long as you don’t go “Oh shit!” I’ve learned that no one knows when you mess up as long as you’re having fun!! 😀

  3. ^.^ Thanks Twistie!! Yeah the blue one was easy because I had the pattern pieces for the top all cut out and the skirt was a simple circle pattern. The hardest part was just sewing all that trim on both pieces! Brown top is the same pattern for the blue choli, with longer sleeves.

    Velvet Choli pattern: http://members.iinet.net.au/~ramsden/tribal/choli.html
    Circle Skirt pattern: http://www.shira.net/costuming/skirt-circle.htm

    😀 Would have loved to have you there! It was a decent showing so I think that raised the energy level even more than usual!

  4. Wow! Those outfits are so gorgeous, and so are you! I think the blue’s my favorite, but all of them are so bright and shiny! (Yes, there’s a magpie somewhere in my family tree.)

  5. You look beautiful!! But 2 hours, that is LONG! I just did my first 1 hour show and it was awesome! In fact, it was one of your posts years ago that got me into bellydancing! 2.5 years – almost 3 now!

    Where do you get your tops?! I love the costumes! My fellow dancer in my trio is learning to sew as she has trouble finding tops (she’s a K I believe) so new sources for dance clothes would be great – and yours are all so lovely!

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