Joygasm: Regina Benjamin’s words make my heart soar with hope

I know a few others have already pointed this clip out so this will be brief:

The new surgeon general (Regina Benjamin) has just put out a statement that urges a change in the way we frame the conversation on obesity.  Rather than focus on negativity, she aims to focus on the positive aspects of being fit and healthy at any size.  I just… want to sing with happiness and hope!

If she takes that one step further and begins to break down the assumptions (which are still there at the start of her own clip) that being obese/overweight are causes of certain diseases then I think we will have certainly made a huge shift in how this world looks at and treats Being Fat. Further, with hard work this could lead to finally realizing that making changes to access to the means of “Eating Right” and “Being Active” is crucial.

I’m just so filled with hopeful joy right now between her encouraging words and my small victory.

Which is good since I have my lovely 5-minute annual check-up in a few hours, wherein my doctor will use methods that STILL seem archaic to me to feel if my ovaries do, indeed, still exist. :p

And now for the clip, which is less than 1 minute long and has subtitles:


5 thoughts on “Joygasm: Regina Benjamin’s words make my heart soar with hope

  1. (Faints dead away)

    You know, if it just didn’t have that lip service at the beginning to fat being the cause of diabetes ‘and other diseases’, this would totally be my PSA wet dream.

    As it is, I’m positively giddy with the ‘let’s change the conversation’ aspect from ‘you’re fat, so you’re sitting on the couch eating baby-flavored donuts all day and are going to DIEEEEEE’ to looking at healthy behaviors as a separate issue.

    • Twistie: I know! The entire idea of re-framing the concept and pulling out “health/fitness” as SEPARATE from fat just makes me swoon with all these images of a future that could be! ^.^

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