Thursday Cooking Adventure: Weekday Breakfasts

For those who like minutia of a person’s life and habits, this is a quick glimpse into the start of my mornings Monday through Friday.


So I don’t usually consider my mornings an adventure.  They have become so routine and memorized by rote that I could (and probably have) perform my various morning actions mostly asleep in that zombie-esque state of “nearly awake but still clinging to the lingering vestiges of sleep in that vain hope that I’ll be curling back into bed in mere moments”.

Moving beyond the routine at the top of the house, which involves rolling from bed, showering and dressing, I’ll take you through the 10-15 minutes of my morning that takes place downstairs and in the kitchen.

As I get down the stairs I flick on the living room light and, usually in an annoyingly chipper baby-talk voice, greet Orange Fish.  O.F. will thereby swim around in fast little circles, wiggling her fishy-butt at me, making mouthing motions at the surface of the water.  Her voice, though garbled through water and fish-ese, speaks plainly enough to me: “Put FOOD in my Mouth-Hole!”  Naturally, I comply.

With our one little pet secure in the happy-fooding-time she has come to know and look forward to each morning; I move towards the kitchen to work on the human version of happy-fooding-time.

There are 3 things I generally need to get done that I’ve taken on as part of this morning routine: make tea for Adam D, get us both a travel-ready breakfast set, pack lunches.  Like the people who consistently assure me that if I were ever to actually work on making my hair fancy or putting on make-up every day I would have such a fast pattern it would feel like “no time at all!”; I’ve fine-tuned my ability to finish these 3 tasks.

First, I get the cow-print tea pot filled with enough water to fill a travel mug (roughly; time-efficiency demands no accurate measures here) and set it on the burner at medium-ish heat.

Next, I’ll slice open an English muffin for each of us, mine first since Adam D likes nasty raisins in his and I don’t want to get smashed raisin goo on my nice honey-wheat muffins!  Then, into the awesome double-toaster then go: pow! Pow!

Now I grab two plasticware containers and set them on the counter.  It is time for the “fruiting” to begin.


Crispy apples and pears

Sharing fresh apples and pears. Yum!


I love starting the morning commute breakfasts with a tasty fruit.  Personally I like the crisp stuff: apples, oranges, very juicy and fresh watermelon.  But really anything easily grab-able goes.  For the pictures I have to share, I had apples and pears from our CSA.  Today we had some seedless purple grapes.  Also a crisp and awakening delight to bite into!  Once the fruit is cored, or peeled or otherwise finagled and added to those dishes in easily bite-size-ish bits, I move to the lunch part.


blue Ariel lunch tote

My lunch tote. It's a great little bag and never fails to make people look twice to see a grown woman happily carrying it along.


I love hot lunches.  Ever since realizing that meals from dinner make FABULOUS lunches, I’ve been a firm believer in making extra the night before so as to have tasty little lunches ready for the next day. I’m not knocking folks who enjoy a good cold sandwich for lunch but for me the day just seems so much brighter with something warm to look forward to; especially on days with a chilly bite in the air like now as we head firmly into Autumn!


Pirates of the Carribean lunch tote

Adam D rocks this fun bag to work. It is falling apart inside though so it is time to find a replacement!


So, I will grab our lunch bags and into each will go a previously packed lunch of the prior night’s dinner.  Usually these have at least a bit of extra veggies, some hearty pasta dish or rice dish or Chili or who knows.  I also add another fruit for each of us and usually a cheese stick for me (mmmm sharp cheddar snack at about 10am is heavenly) and another snack.  Today it was peach-flavored applesauce.  Adam D usually gets a cakester or yogurt too.  I’m of the mind that I’d rather have a few options to pick from and bring something extra home than be there at lunch wishing I had something else!

At this point the muffins should just be popping up from the toaster.  Using my handy-dandy (what is this, Blue’s Clues?? Is it Mail-Time yet??) toaster-tongs, I deftly pluck the deliciously crisp and warm buggers from the device and lay them on top of the fruit-du-jour.


English muffins on fruit

Breakfast is ready. Toast-tongs sit behind our breakfast dishes, awaiting their next useful moment.


Adam D prefers a skim of jam or jelly to adorn the top of his raisin muffins.  I enjoy something heartier, either tuna-fish or (as pictured here) some mayonnaise on the muffin, American cheese and pepperoni.  I’ve stopped worrying so much in my life about what constitutes a “proper” breakfast food.  That’s actually one of the few Good Ideas I managed to take from my long stints on the South Beach Diet and even Atkins (both of which spent copious text trying to convince their followers to rethink what a “normal” meal is).  There IS no “right” or “wrong” food you can eat to start your day.  So I start mine with foods I used to push to the category of “Only lunch/dinner foods”.

With that all set and the bags zipped up; I get Adam D’s tea soaking in the now-hot (but not whistling) water that I put on to boil earlier.

Then it is time for me to grab up one of the mini whiteboards that Adam D and I use each morning to draw pictures and write silly little notes to each other while I finish my quick bathroom retinue.

And that’s it.  Done and ready.  A breakfast (with tea for the hubs) ready to consume at leisure during the calm moments of the morning commute; a lunch bursting with options set to await lunch-time at our work fridges; and loving funny notes ready to cause laughter and smiles before we head out the door together.  The entire process is about 10, maybe 15 minutes of my morning.  Sometimes, if I’ve packed the lunch bags the night before, this is even shorter and allows us to work together to chop up veggies and toss stuff in the crock-pot for a delightful Chili to be awaiting our return home that night.

Ta-dah.  The mystery of my weekday breakfasts/morning routine has been laid bare for all to view.  You know, for those of you just chompin’ at the bit, waiting to find out these details of my life…

The Recipe

Well I can’t say that there is really a “recipe” for one’s morning routine but I can certainly give a quick break-down of the food that goes into these preparations usually:


  • English Muffin, toasted
  • Topping (Jelly, or Jam, or Butter with cinnamon/sugar, or tuna fish, or cheese and pepperoni, or anything that sounds tasty and easy to eat when topping toasted muffins)
  • Fruit, cut in easily eat-able portions (apples, pears, melons, citrus, grapes, anything goes!)


  • Plasticware container filled with previous night’s dinner left-overs (pasta, or rice, or chili, or whatever) and some additional veggies, usually from a bag of frozen peas, corn, spinach, etc (Today I have leftover fried rice with some beef and broccoli! NOM!)
  • Fruit
  • Snacks (Cheese, or applesauce, or yogurt, or cakesters; in any combination of usually 2 items)

And that is the entirety of the usual fooding day for April (and Adam) D.  Oh, I forgot the last step: smile, eat and enjoy! Remember, your food choices are all your own and when they make YOU feel happy and good and nourished, they are the RIGHT choices; regardless of how others might think to view and/or judge.  Happy Thursday!


My little breakfast sandwich

My little breakfast sandwich, all portable and ready to nom.



10 thoughts on “Thursday Cooking Adventure: Weekday Breakfasts

    • It IS tasty! Though I prefer when the American cheese is fresh from the deli so I can ask for it to be sliced really thin. Then I can have a thin slice on each side of the bread so it almost melts a bit 🙂 Very yum way to start the day!

  1. I always enjoy these posts. I usually learn something useful from them … for example, I didn’t know what English Muffins were before. In Germany we call them Toasties because we like to steal words from you English-speaking people and use them for things that you already have other words for. 😉

    Amusingly, your breakfast looks exactly like something that my family would eat. Myself excluded ever since I became allergic to apples and pears.

    • I like the sound of Toasties 😀 Sorry to hear about the allergies to apples/pears though!

      MidnyghtChilde apple butter sounds tasty!! I’m sure that would be an awesome topping for the toast! 😀

  2. That is a great idea! I’ve been looking for new breakfast ideas, as I am so sick and tired of cereal.

    I made apple butter this week from apples we picked – on toast, its so amazing!

  3. I was channeling my Inner April today! This weekend we went to two Apfel und Honig festivals which were just wonderful in the lovely October weather, but between them and our backyard apple tree going into overdrive with apple production, I’m in the company of about 15 kilos of apples, all needing some sort of processing done to them.

    I’m tired of the applesauce/apple butter deals, so I branched out and tried Paula Dean’s fried apple pie recipe. Dear Queen of Sheba, I’m pretty sure I saw the face of God when I tasted it….sooooooo goooooddd…

    • Ooooo I’ll have to try that; we have lots of apples right now and might go picking too! 😀 And can I just say how much it made me grin to think that anyone is channeling an inner ME? 😀

  4. You are so right about what constitutes a meal – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day [seriously] and where I get most of my calories – I need them to get through the day.

    I give my kids all manner of things for breakfast – I don’t care, so much, what they eat – as long as they eat – I try to avoid [as you do] processed sugars because I don’t want them to crash/burn around 10 before a lunch that is two hours away – and we always make their lunches.

    I think I may make the pepperoni sandwich tomorrow – my daughter will be thirlled – what a sterling idea!

    I bet you are like me too and make breakfast for dinner – i.e. waffles, muffins, eggs etc. aren’t you?

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