Fatties in NaNoWriMo: Bit of Fiction

Well I don’t have a Thursday cooking post to share so I thought I’d share a bit of the text from my novel thus far with the 2 main characters I described before.

Our leading ladies have finally set up a tent after landing roughly on an unknown shore during a tropical storm.  They have just started trying to figure out how to NOT track all the grit and sand on their bodies INTO the clean main area of the two-part tent.  They are laughing about how there seems to be dirt EVERYWHERE, a bit silly when you consider that they were just thrashed about in a rain storm.

Thus we have:

Still laughing, both women simultaneously agreed that stripping naked would be simplest.  Used to dressing and undressing in front of each other, the two women were quickly nude and wiping the sand from their own bodies using the water and one of the towels.  Nora paused for a moment when Cassie was vigorously shaking her stomach with the towel to dry off and marvelled at the soft rolls of pale flesh.  Cassie’s large and, by medical definitions “morbidly obese” size 26 frame, always seemed to move with a grace and assurance that Nora often didn’t feel that she herself possessed at her much smaller, though still large, size 18.  Smiling, Nora went back to wiping the disgusting bits of sand, salt and dried bits of she-didn’t-even-want-to-know-what off of her moist and slowly drying skin.

Cassie pulled the other towel out of Nora’s bag and used it to dry her hair a bit, tossing it then to Nora, who let out little sighs of intense pleasure at becoming a bit cleaner and dryer.  Cassie took a moment to watch her friend dry her hair.  Cassie had always loved and even a bit envied Nora for her thick and curly black tresses and her smooth skin.  While comfortable in her own body and assured of her own abilities, Cassie could never help a bit of wishful thinking that she had skin as dark and easily tanned in the sun (Cassie’s skin had to be liberally applied with SPF 50 or risk intense burning while Nora could often lounge around in SPF 8 and give her already dark skin a sun-kissed glint) or that she had such carefree locks to toss about.  Her own dark brown hair carried many blond highlights from so much time outdoors teaching Archery merit-badge and swimming laps for her own enjoyment but seemed to her lank and dull in comparison.  Of course, spending much of her time in high-school being called “Swamp Thing” thanks to the chlorine of the pool lending green tints to her hair might have also had something to do with her dislike for her own crown of brown.

I’m hoping this can come across as some body description, a bit of body envy, yet with little to none of that body-bashing that one would normally find at this point, particularly for two women who are not already svelte figures.  I know the writing is a bit rough, though this year’s novel is so far pretty clean as far as spelling, etc thanks to Firefox’s little spell-check feature and my obsessive need to fix anything it underlines in red…

And with that bit of fun text I am off to finish working and then head up north for a belly dance fundraiser performance tonight!


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