My 3rd Decade. Started rather lovely actually.


Cake!!  Funfetti Cake even!  I managed to blow out all the candles too ;)

Cake!! Funfetti Cake even! I managed to blow out all the candles too 😉

As I start my 3rd decade of life, I find myself musing on the many ways in which my life is beautiful.  Despite the ways in which sometimes fighting for social justice, even from just the small niche here, can be overwhelming and leave a negative taste in my mind on occasion, I feel that overall my efforts are having a positive effect.  That, in turn, makes ME feel more positive.


As I head into my 30’s as an unabashedly, un-dieting fat woman, I feel I have a lot to be thankful for.  I have goals and ambitions that I never would have dreamed of reaching for, had I not first discovered FA.  I do not feel held back by my body.  And, while some days are still a struggle to mentally come to terms with a world constantly trying to force me to agree that my body is Not Right, I think the “Good” days are now, finally, outweighing the “Bad” ones.  In quantity AND quality.

Right now I’m still working on 4 more classes (about 6 more weeks) of class this semester.  NaNoWriMo is going along well (my leading ladies have just discovered a strange stairwell into the center of the island upon which they’ve been shipwrecked!).  My birthday celebrations were fun and light-hearted and filled with loving people.

Also?  I got a kick-ass new sword to use for belly dance.  And an ice-cream maker attachment for my Kitchen Aid.  Oh yeah, life is sweeeet.  It is fat, juicy and full of great ideas, stunning people and wondrous activities to take on.  I look forward to my 3rd decade with a lot more zeal than I did my 2nd.  Part of that is knowing that I’m not going to spend the majority of it fighting against my body.  That, is a wonderful feeling all on its own.  The next wonderful feeling will, I think, be the one I have when I have that Masters Degree in hand next May if all goes well.

So here’s to new beginnings, wonderful beginnings, and extraordinary continuations.  Play on!


New Sword.  Heavy, well-balanced, wicked looking!

New Sword. Heavy, well-balanced, wicked looking!



7 thoughts on “My 3rd Decade. Started rather lovely actually.

  1. I hope you had a great birthday, April. However, since you are already 30 years old, you are actually starting your 4th decade, because you have lived three full decades…kind of like I, at 61, am in my 7th decade, & my granddaughter at 5, is in her first. At any rate, I hope that the birthday was wonderful & I wish you 60 or 70 more.

    • Patsy you’re totally right! ^.^ I guess I mean to say my decade of “3”s. Or something?

      Twistie that is quite possibly the most awesome thing ever!! I do wish there were more awesomely happy fat picture being shared and maybe someday I’ll be able to encourage that!

  2. Here’s a bit of April D. trivia you might enjoy. A couple weeks ago I was looking for an illustration of a fat, happy woman. Turns out that when you type that search into Google Image, about the first three pages of responses are all delightful pictures of YOU!

    Does that not rock?

    The only thing that could make it better is if there were lots more photos of fat, happy women circulating the net.

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