Dreaming of Spring, before Winter

I’ve been having some VERY odd dreams lately.  Including my first screaming nightmare the night of my recent 30th birthday!  But, sometimes the combination of positive experiences of a day with a restful mind can manage to make the dream mix into something beautiful.

Yesterday, I went to church again after a 3 month break.  I forgot just how accepting and wonderful my church community is and felt so welcomed.  One woman, who I’ve always thought was incredibly kind and who works with the community in so many ways, approached me after the service to let me know that she loves my uplifting Facebook status.  Just, out of the blue, her letting me know that my words have some kind of positive affect on her daily life just made me almost tear up.  It is the simple things, y’all.

So with that in mind, a reconnect with another kind friend yesterday on-line and a very restful weekend at last, I slept.  I dreamed.

I was walking and met the Goddess of Spring.  She was the friend I had just briefly reconnected with.  We walked and talked of what needed to be done to bring Spring on again.

It was brief in the retelling, but the feelings of cozy familiarity and belonging that surrounded it still leave me in a warm glow right now.  I think it was my mind’s way of reminding me that, now that my favorite parts of Autumn are gone up here in New England, Spring is still planning for next year and will be waiting for me (for all of us) on the other side of Winter.  It was a comforting thought from a comforting dream.

Waking up with my large body enveloped in the happy, lingering vestiges of this dream sure beat waking up trying to scream!

What do you dream of?  Do you remember them?  Are you on medications that enhance your dreams and allow you to remember them clearly or do you pass from dream to waking without a chance to grasp at the slippery, shadowy substance of your nighttime thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring, before Winter

  1. i’ve been a poor sleeper for virtually my entire life. and the past few years i’ve gotten better. but i have this terrible habit of waking up directly from REM sleep, often in the middle of a dream. when that happens it leaves me disoriented for the rest of the day.

    i tend to only remember my dreams if there are very visceral sensations. lately they have not been pleasant… one i felt my teeth crumble out of my mouth, and in another i was vomiting kitty litter.

    um. at least my subconscious is working on processing my major issues.

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