Post-Turkey Post

So how did everyone fare during the Feast of Turkey?  Any horror or happy stories to share?

On my end things went rather well.  Ate a few bites of the “meh” bird, got some tasty pie and good times with Adam D’s family; which is always fun since they’re actually wonderful people.

I finished my NaNoWriMo novel last night (a day early even!) so even though that didn’t end up story-wise where I wanted it to be; I was content to have finished the word count and the storyline.  I believe this will be my last year for it though; it is very stressful to bang out 50,000 words of fiction in one month and I’ve learned after 3 years of this that I far prefer reading and blog-posting to trying to write fiction!

I have lots of culinary adventures to post here and am working on two upcoming musical adventures of the Brass Christmas Ensemble sort that are making me grin.  I love Holiday Tunes on Brass instruments!

On the front of my consciousness that is always sort of aware of new happenings on the dieting arena; I find it interesting that WW is now pushing a 0-point plan for fruits/veggies.  Sounds a lot like they are trying to make WW similar to South Beach: eat lots of green, count the rest.

According to this article on the new plan updated: “The new plan incorporates new strides in scientific research that prove that simply counting calories isn’t enough.”

*shrug*  Meh.  I guess they’ve come a long way since these recipe card of yore. Yet it all comes down to just another wave of rules with no research into the results so people will hopefully be more inclined to spend money on programs that work only to inflate the pockets of those selling them.

And to boot: when will it finally be understood that it isn’t just “counting calories” or “upping exercise” that remains the “problem” with all this rampant fatness?  A LOT of it boils down to:

It’s rage inducing, sigh-provoking and plain old head-shakingly baffling how people can continue to ignore evidence, testimonials and real-life happenings that don’t fit the narrow image of what fatness means so that they can cling to the belief that fatness and all it represents, and all those WITH fat, are lesser-than; abnormal; broken.

At any rate, to get back to my first point, Thanksgiving was pleasant.  No stories to share that don’t come down to noticing that WW keeps trying to re-boot its supposedly fool-proof methods to lose weight and keep it off…with newly tweaked methods.  Does it make you wonder what’s next?


13 thoughts on “Post-Turkey Post

  1. Had a delicious Turkey Day and got to take a homemade pumpkin pie home. Pumpkin pie for breakfast is one of my traditions. This year, one of my kids decided that she likes pumpkin pie too, so we shared. The pie was made completely from scratch and absolutely delicious.

    Got to eat the turkey tail, which made up for not being able to eat a lot of the tasty things on offer. My nursling can’t tolerate my eating anything with soy in it. Soy was in the gravy mix, and I love gravy. Soy was in the bread stuffing and the rolls. Soy was in the storebought pie crusts (not the scratch pie I got to take home, thankfully). Soy was in the green bean casserole and I was craving green veggies something fierce!

    However, all this aside, I was able to fill my plate with good things. We had a huge relish tray and a pile of sweet Alaska carrots cut into sticks (there was soy in the dip, but sweet Alaska carrots don’t need dip). I had my mashed potatoes with extra salt and pepper and a pat of butter. The person who made the scratch pies brought some bread dressing from scratch and it was full of crispy celery bits, so I got my green veggie fix. (She can’t eat soy either.) She also brought her famous wild cranberry sauce.

    After dinner and dessert, we played several rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes, the family craze, and my six-year-old skunked everybody. My four-year-old got to spend time with just Daddy, watching a movie in the den–he was tired and she was stressed out, so they needed it. And the baby got to motor around the floor and investigate all kinds of things. The grown-ups hung out and told stories and helped our hosts with the dishes, and everybody got leftovers to take home, which is the point of a huge Thanksgiving dinner IMO. So we all had a good time.

  2. My Thanksgiving was filled with awesome and pie. I got up early, baked two pumpkin pies and a cranberry/pear tart, made the cranberry/orange/ginger relish, and made Mom’s Patrician Potatoes (mashed potatoes with cottage cheese, sour cream, toasted almonds, and melted butter… really incredibly delicious). Then I rousted Mr. Twistie out of bed, and we headed up to spend the day with some good friends.

    My friend made the turkey, the stuffing, and the gravy. She was going to make a green veggie, too, but decided at the last minute to skip it because there was more than enough food. I missed my greenery, but had more than enough food for the meal.

    After dinner, we watched the Thanksgiving episode of WKRP In Cincinnati. Then Mr. Twistie headed home to spend three days by himself in his studio while I stayed with my friends and scarfed down leftovers. I also got thoroughly hooked on Criminal Minds, especially the delightful Penelope Garcia, free-spirited computer maven who is fat without it being a Plot Point. Also she knits. I have such a girl crush on her!

    Good times, good times.

    If WW was so perfect and successful before, why do they need to change their system so often? My impression is that they revamp the program about every five years or so… just about the time the first ‘success stories’ in the previous program are finding that they’ve ‘failed’ it by gaining back most of, all of, or more than all of the weight they lost in the first place.

    Food for thought.

    • Twistie huzzah for the new girl-crush find. I might have to look at Criminal Minds in the future at some point.

      I’d have to check but I’d say you’re pretty spot-on about the timing for the re-vamps of the system at WW. Would be very interesting to check out if there was a way to log when new plans came out…

      • So far it’s just a gut feeling, so I would definitely have to do some research before making wild accusations. All the same, if the system worked infallibly or even pretty darn reliably over time, it wouldn’t need to be reworked at all, would it?

        Garcia makes me very, very happy. Not only is she just there being fat at people without it being a big deal, she has an actual sex life and a cheerfully platonic flirt affair with one of her handsome co-workers.

  3. Here in Canada Thanksgiving was a couple o’ weeks ago and we don’t even celebrate it, but I’m trying to bring this home because I like new occasions to get together and eat good food. 😀

    Twistie, I NEED the Patrician potatoes recipe. It looks delicioussssssssss!

    I’m happy for everybody who had good times 🙂

    WW SUCKS immensely, and I hated them since the day my doctor tried to force me in joining them. I HATE maths, hate counting friggin points and hate every «weight loss – it’s-not-a-diet gimmicks». Word. 😀

  4. We got together with our fellow ex-pats a week before Thanksgiving and had a big meal together…felt like family. On the day, I cooked some turkey cutlets and made home made cranberry sauce and served it with a bit of leftover stuffing. Not a bad day, and life went on as normal. I was pretty thankful not to have a big greasy turkey to clean up after, to be honest!

  5. Turkey’s always done rather unspeakable things to me, so I’m glad not to have leftovers. When I was a kid, it’d take me days to recover from the Thanksgiving meal. It could’ve been the food…or it could’ve been the fog of fag smoke that hung over the entire house and the rampant alcoholism. Ahhh, memories…

  6. I know this is late…when you said you didn’t like turkey because it was dry and tasteless, I wondered whether you were being fed white meat only? Because turkey breast is almost always awful. (See the third paragraph here [] for a humorous take.) Like you, I’ve tried turkey cooked different ways and the white meat is pretty much inedible. But the dark meat? It’s like it comes from a completely different animal.

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