Today is an “Unanticipated Orange” kind of day

clementines in the morning

Extra crispy, zesty bites of orange make for a smile for me!

Today I woke rather refreshed.  We went to bed at 8:30 last night.  Instead of the usual 10 or 11pm!

And this morning I realized that today is the kind of day when you get to work and happily realize that you have two juicy, delicious slices of orange left in your breakfast container that you hadn’t anticipated. A day of hidden surprises!

What sort of hidden surprises have you come across today (or lately) that have made you smile? Has someone complimented you in a way that didn’t make you suspicious or immediately feel that you were being only “mostly” complimented (You know: “Oh!  That sweater makes you look nice today” or “Did you lose weight? You look good today!” sort of back-handed implications that otherwise you look less than appealing).

Today I had those unanticipated wedges of citrus to start my smile.  I also get to play Christmas carols on trumpet this weekend at two different venues, one of which was a last-minute thing.  I got a totally unexpected compliment on my hair, which is about 3 months over-due for a cut and color (its one of my few bodily pamperings: coloring my hair!)

These are the kinds of days I wish I could bank up for the darker, more self-hatred-prone days that usually find me in the grey-moments of deep winter.  A sort of sunny moment to pick-up and get me through.  So here’s to hoping that keeping a mental tab on such small moments WILL be like charging up my unanticipated orange-meter in anticipation of those days where no such moments are forth coming!

What about you?  What small moments have made YOUR day/week/month/year so far as we head into the last month of this year?

Also: happy start of Chanukah tonight to my Chanukah-celebrating friends and readers!


8 thoughts on “Today is an “Unanticipated Orange” kind of day

  1. Just this morning, a colleague (and fellow thrift-shop devotee) came into my office & said “This is for you!”, a lovely strand of amber-colored glass beads, c. 1940. She said she’d stopped at a favorite thrift store after leaving the office last night, saw the strand of beads & knew I’d love them; she’s right.

    What a great kick to the day & a great start on the run-up to Christmas!

  2. I suddenly started coming down with a cold last night (no, that’s not the good part because my throat is sore and I’m coughing and starting to sneeze a lot, which is yucky in the extreme). I couldn’t find any Kleenex when I needed to blow my nose. For once, Mr. Twistie had let us run out (for him, Kleenex is as basic a supply as flour is for me). I had to use a paper towel. Ouch! When I got up this morning, I discovered that Mr. Twistie had gotten up early and gone out (he’s usually the sort of guy who has to be crowbarred out of bed after sleeping through the snooze button six times). How did I know? There was a box of Kleenex sitting right next to my computer when I stumbled down to make my tea a few minutes ago.

    Now that’s love!

  3. You know, this post made me realise that despite the fact that I am working really hard at the moment on some big projects at work that make my spoons run out pretty quickly each day, I have a lot of little things that drop in my lap and give me a smile. Here are a few:

    * Being sent $750 worth of clothes for free from a plus-size retailer simply for taking the time to contact them and talk about what I expect from them. (The second lot arrived yesterday.)
    * My crush reciprocating flirtations and fun.
    * The grouchy old building manager on my current project seemingly having a soft spot for me.
    * Being thanked for the past week of really intense work by the team.

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