Celebrating 4 great years as a Married Fatty

4 years ago today, on December 8th, 2006, April and Adam D tied the knot.  We’ve been living happily together ever since. Our story follows as a mini-tribute to what has felt like a whirlwind adventure of fun, love and surprisingly happy moments to me.

So Happy Together

So Happy, Together

Our story began over 10 years ago; when I met Adam at a New Year’s Day party in New Hampshire at the home of my then-boyfriend’s parents.  All of us were friends and we watched lots of Anime together, talking and laughing and eating fruit with strawberry dip.  I was drawn to Adam’s shy but intelligent mannerisms; his tall and dark and handsome looks and his wonderfully full laughter.  Later, I would find out, he was also drawn to me.

After some years with that then-boyfriend-turned-fiance-turned-husband-turned-ex husband, I moved to Virginia to get my head back in the right space, so to speak.  The night before I was to leave New England, Adam D asked if there was anything he could do to make me stay.

I wasn’t ready at that time to respond in any coherent manner and ran South, as planned.

A year later, after many visits and a lovely camping trip, I was headed back North.  WITH Adam D.

We lived in “sin” for a while and got moved into a lovely rental, from which I’m ever-so-hesitant to consider moving!

When we got married it was a small ceremony, with Adam’s folks and a few of our friends in front of our Congregational church’s Reverend. I wore a beautiful, short blue dress and walked myself up the aisle to my Adam. It was a simple and yet touching event followed by take-out Chinese at our place.

We went on our honeymoon the following May in France, where we got to catch up with families I had met during my studies abroad in college.  We also took a trip to the Loire valley and I swear the castles were even prettier with Adam there to enjoy them with me.

My favorite castle

My favorite castle, with my favorite man

Then, that summer, we celebrated large-style with a BBQ at a state park with all of our friends and family in attendance.  It was a blast!

cooking together

BBQing Together: the only way to grill!

There are, of course,  small moments when one of us will frustrate the other and will likely always be a few of those along the way, but on the whole this has been a wonderful ride and I look forward to another 40 more.  Or, as I told Adam this morning, another 400! Come on real life; catch up to Science Fiction!

We may both be working today but we’ve celebrated already and tend to celebrate each day as another blessing.  A mentality that has really helped get me through some otherwise rough days.  Adam D professes his love for me, and I for him, daily and in simple words and actions. We love each others bodies and enjoy them together in very happy ways.

He still manages to surprise me with laughter and his thoughtfulness and I can only hope I still do the same for him.  He is my friend, my lover, my confidant, my wonderful-hug-giver, and my husband. Together, we form Team D!, as we often call ourselves: a partnership of awesome.  I continue to be baffled by how easy he is to love and how lucky I am.

Here’s to uncomplicated, unfettered love and the people with whom we have been lucky enough to find such blessings.

Please feel free to share your own partnership stories below.  How did you find your hug-giver, your lover, your best friend; anyone who makes you happy just to think of them?  If you’re looking for that relationship; what qualities are you seeking?  What most draws you to potential partners? Or are you loving the single-life-freedoms?  What do you most enjoy about a life un-tied to others? Share-it-up! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Celebrating 4 great years as a Married Fatty

  1. Happy anniversary! Here’s to the next 400!

    Stories, you say? You want stories?

    Mr. Twistie and I met in the summer of 1980 at Renaissance Faire. I was seventeen and had just graduated high school. He was a couple years older and drunk at the time. I was introduced, but paid pretty much no attention to him. I was happy to have run into a friend from high school working the same booth (pistolbows, a kiddie hand held crossbow game). But I had a Fairever pass and spent time each weekend at the archery/pistolbows booth. I got to know Mr. Twistie slightly (though it took me another two Faire seasons to figure out which one was him and which was his best friend because I never saw one without the other, nor heard one referred to without the other), and thought he seemed like a nice guy.

    It took us five and a half years to get to our first date, but once we got there we both knew there was no going back. He took me to Berkeley to all the used book stores and used record stores. We had lunch at Fondue Fred, garlic fondue and cheesecake. Then we went back to his place and watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Our first kiss was at the romantic moment when the passing knight slashes the throat of the Famous Historian.

    Again, we wound up taking our time to get married, but when we finally did, it was so right I never felt a single jitter about it. We had a lovely outdoor ceremony with all our friends and family members in attendance. As it happened, he deputy county clerk on wedding duty that weekend had the last name ‘Odin’ which we took as a good sign. After all, it’s not every couple that’s married by the head of the Norse pantheon of gods!

    Our honeymoon was a road trip to Vancouver, which was amazing. It was relaxed and warm and just plain fabulous. We even laughed really hard the night we found a hotel room that we could barely get into because the bed took up literally 85% of the room so you couldn’t actually open the door all the way.

    It’s been thirty years since we met and more than seventeen since we tied the knot, and we’re still ridiculously happy together. We’ve been through deaths and health scares and unemployment and betrayals as well as births and new hobbies and artistic glee and about another thousands of viewings of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and we’re still delighted with one another. We just fit.

    • Twistie that is such a fabulous story!!! And I love that random moment of The Holy Grail! 😉 May you continue to have many more yars of awesome-fitting-togetherness too! 😀

  2. Happy anniversary to you & Adam. May you indeed have 400 more..or, more realistically, 60 or 70 more. You make a wonderful couple.

  3. Happy anniversary!!!

    Another story of a super happy fat couple in love:

    I met my husband in 2003 during a summer of fast and furious online dating. I had been writing introductory e-mails to lots of people, and Mike was one of them. His profile stood out for me because in answer to the question “If I looked in your bedroom, what would I find?”, he answered, “Probably the cat sleeping on the bedspread.” He was also an introvert, a sci-fi nerd, and seemed like a nice guy. We went out for coffee.

    It wasn’t love at first sight (I don’t believe in that), but I felt more comfortable and compatible with him than with any of the other men I’d met that summer. Neither of us were looking for a relationship at the time, so we just kept spending time together without labeling it. He was easy to talk to, and we shared the same interests and beliefs. By October of that year, I had lost interest in dating anyone else from the dating site. By December, we had moved in together, and we got married in January 2004.

    We chose to have a super casual wedding with a justice of the peace officiating, and a party at a local pizza place as a reception. It was the most fun, laid back wedding I’ve ever been to! A lot of things have changed in the seven years we’ve been married (that whole richer/poorer, sickness and health thing came into play a lot sooner than either of us expected), but we are still as much in love now as the day we got married.

    • Fantine that is another fabulous story! 😀 I’m also not a “love at first sight” person; I think there is so much to get to know about someone first!! Congrats on your own happy love 🙂

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