Fat Art & Happy Winter Solstice Wishes

We finally have some impressive (though not traffic-stopping thus far) snow going on here right now as we move into Winter Solstice. As I watch the flakes sift down outside I’m feeling content and warm and like I want to share some fat-positive art to ring in the end of the year and celebrate the turning back towards longer days and shorter nights!

Mermaids Fantasy

Warmth will come again, as the world turns back towards the sun.

Here is the piece I did a bit ago that I’ve called “Mermaid’s Fantasy”.  She’s a blue-centric Betta-fish-esque fat mermaid.

“This big and beautiful woman is a Betta Fish Mermaid. She is not flashy red or purple, simply a strong mix of beautiful blues.

She does not dream of leaving the sea, but often wishes the delicate creatures of the land and air might visit her instead.

Even if they ARE likely to be found on the coast, I’m not too sure the very fragile Monarch Butterfly would be willing to travel out to visit…but perhaps one hardy soul might!”

I had the sketch around for her for a LONG time and was very pleased with the finished outcome.

Autumn Harpist

Autumn has given way to Winter

The other piece I am sharing is not my own line-art drawing but I did the coloring and background.  She’s an Autumn Harpist (to me anyways!) and I posted the finished work last night.

“[I] love the thought of this lovely harpist ringing out the Autumn with a few last notes before winter settles in for good; before those last cold drops of earth-soaking rain turn to snow!”

So whether you’re loving this snowfall, dreading it, or living elsewhere and enjoying (or not!) your own different kind of weather; I wish you a happy Winter Solstice.


4 thoughts on “Fat Art & Happy Winter Solstice Wishes

  1. No snowfall in my neck of the woods; my five day forecast is mid 40’s all the way. I hope yours is pretty. 🙂

    I love that fat mermaid! You really got the sense of movement in her hair. Also, I am always glad to see positive depictions of back fat and belly rolls. I have them and I am doing my damnedest to not be trained to think they are hideous. Fat-positive art is the best help with that.

    • lowbudgetcyborg I will do my best to keep working on fat-positive and fat-neutral artwork then as best I can. The more that images of bodily fat are just seen as, at the least, normal if not beautiful, the closer I think we can get to a society that doesn’t outright lambaste the existence of fat on bodies!

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