End of 2010: Resolutions met, what’s on the horizon now?

Way back in January of this year I decided to embark on an adventure.  Rather, a set of at least 52 adventures in the form of books; one per week if all worked out according to plan.  I’m a bit stunned and incredibly chipper to report that I have just finished my 100th book for 2010.  Wow.  That got me thinking about what else I’ve accomplished this year and, I have to admit, the list is pretty impressive to me. As I notice the ramp-up to all of the gyms and weight-loss programs and pills just before the new year* I thought I’d reflect instead and jot down what I’ve been up to this year of 2010:

  • 100 books
  • 116 posts for this Fat Acceptance blog (which is an average of 9.67 a month!)
  • 15 new crochet projects
  • 13.78 miles swum
  • 7 trumpet performances
  • 6 belly dance shows
  • 4 courses towards my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science
  • 2 jobs (One full-time; one part-time)
  • Countless new culinary dishes using CSA veggies never-before-tasted in our household

And there might be some turtle-doves and partridges in there at the end somewhere or something like that.

I love looking back through my folders of pictures and swim logs and noting that no-where did I have a spreadsheet dedicated to restrictive calorie counting or other behaviors that have been nothing but destructive to me in my life previously. There is no list of gifts I hoped to receive but never did for not achieving a particular measurement or weight. For me that still continues to be a source of pleasant happiness.

Granted, there were some tough moments as well. There are times I wondered if I would ever get enough sleep to make it through the next day.  There were times when driving an hour to belly dance was wearing and not exciting.  Times that the overload of busy and living and dealing with issues around FA just made me want to sit on the floor and say “NO!” But life, unfortunately, doesn’t matter what sort of hissy fits I throw, life just keeps on going.  Overall though I have to say that this year has been generous and giving with its “ups” and rather thankfully stingy with the “downs” for me.

For 2010 I resolved to once again go at life like an adventure; one that does not require me to look or be any smaller or different in order for the magic to happen.  It has been a busy, whirlwind year of amazing moments, wonderful thoughts and simply fabulous people.  I am blessed and can only hope that blessing continues for yet another year of adventure in 2011.

So what do I resolve for 2011?  To have 52 further adventures.  They will likely be books again; though perhaps I should increase the number to 211 to match the year a bit?  Nah.  I think I’ll let the adventures flow as they may. And I can’t wait to try out some of the great FA neutral/positive materials available for my newly received Kindle.

Also?  I hope that next year I also get to pet the nose of Joshua the Camel again.

Joshua the Camel

His nose is soft and a bit whiskery!

How was your 2010?  Did the ups outweigh the downs?  Were there at least a few stellar moments?  Was it nothing but bliss?  Do you have resolutions to share?  A distinct desire to never make another resolution again? Feel free to share your thoughts as 2010 leaves and 2011 enters.

*”What will you GAIN as you LOSE?!” is one slogan I have heard from one of those programs in the past week I’ve been on vacation.  All I can do is scoff as I mentally count off what I “gained” by dieting in the past; and I can tell you it doesn’t match what those paid sponsors suggest: distraction, self-loathing, happiness linked to a number on the scale or measuring tape, obsession with tasteless food and when next I get to eat the disgusting “snack” bar, total mental break-downs from lack of energy, MORE WEIGHT.

I’d rather that this slogan was asked of people who dare to stop dieting instead:  “What will YOU gain when you lose (the pressure to diet)?”  How about: a bit of self-esteem, confidence, an ability to look at the world with fresh eyes and a mind not constantly focused only on when the next tasteless meal is coming, a life unfettered by calorie counting and exercise done solely to add to your daily allotted calorie in-take. In short: a world where your body is not public property, subject to the scrutiny of others who will always be judging and always find you wanting. That’s what I’d rather got “lost”: that sense of self-entitlement that many feel to judge and comment upon the bodies and lives of others around them.  I’d say we’d quite easily then GAIN a lot more sensitivity in the world and less self-hatred.  *mini-rant over*


8 thoughts on “End of 2010: Resolutions met, what’s on the horizon now?

  1. Wow, that is a very productive year! I’ve read 39 books in 2010, taken a guitar class, cooked up a storm, and biked 3700 miles (my original goal was 2000 miles, but commuting to work 3x per week in the summer made the miles add up!). In 2011 I’m hoping to diversify my goals and activities (less focus on biking miles, more biking for enjoyment and more hiking; less internet browsing, more blog-writing!).

    Have a great 2011!

  2. Happy New Year, April. I have had a fairly rough year, especially the month of December, but I am hoping that things will look up soon. Happy New Year to everyone. And I think you had a great year, full of accomplishment.

    • Patsy I too hope things look up for you quickly! Sometimes just know that a new mental “leaf” has turned can work wonders on the world around us. Sometimes not; but again I’ve hope for many great things to come for all of us! Happy New Year!!

  3. This has been a rough year for me too, in many ways. Christmas was especially hard, always is, but now I’m in the count down until we move far away from Germany and back to a place of sanity and acceptance. Six months, under 200 days…I am ready to go home.

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