New Year Resolution-ers must hate swimming

I was worried last week about getting into my normal weekly swimming routine (up to a consistent 15 laps on Tues and Thurs, hoping to add a few Sunday sessions in there).  My fear, with all the media push at this time of year for everyone to “Repent from holiday eating/happiness by Beating Yourself Into Submission!” was that the swimming pool at my own gym would be packed.  Happily it was not.  I even got my own lane for the entire session on both days.  Which made me wonder: well, where ARE the resolution-ers?

I asked the hubby, who spends his time on the Elliptical in the workout room, if things seemed really crowded there and his answer was also: nope!  Now, it is possible that we are only missing out on the crowded feelings because we are able to go and get out before 5pm, when I assume it would normally begin to fill up.  But I also wonder if some people ARE finally starting to look at all those damnable messages about “Hate Yourself!  For Your Own Good!  Exercise Is Punishment: Done only as penance for eating” and putting their mental foot down to say “No.  Screw that.  I’m going to do something different this year.”  I’d like to think the later but have a feeling it may be a result of the former.  Still, will we hear in a few months that the nation is in a decline of moral fiber because fewer people joined gyms (only to avoid using them after the first month)at the start of this year?

I’d be interested in knowing if that is the case or if, as I said may be the case, we’re just not seeing the January in-flux due to the time we’re able to get there on what I’d consider to be the less likely days (with the thought in mind that Monday tends to be that “I’m going to Improve Myself” day).

Any other gym-goers out there?  What is your experience at the start of 2011?  Are there floods of newbies?  Are there so many people that a good read of this new (and quite fabulous) guide to making the gym not so scary might be beneficial for everyone?  Or are you amongst the same folks as always?

*I wanted to post a pic of me in my swimsuit and goggles but realize I don’t have one yet!  I will have to take one.  This image is from a few years back (hence the hair long-enough for the ponytail) at a summer BBQ.  I love badminton (so much so that I tried to start a team for our college) and with a coming storm promising FEET of snow tonight and tomorrow, I figured seeing a bit of green grass would be nice too!


14 thoughts on “New Year Resolution-ers must hate swimming

  1. Maybe people are still on holiday? Back when I had a gym to go to, the busiest times were always after 5 pm, so I’m thinking there’s your answer. The few times I went to mine after 5, it was unbearable with all those sweaty bodies workin’ it, and the air was toxic. And oh, how I get the squicks when I have to use a shower RIGHT after someone else. ARRuaughHGHAH..*gag*…

    • Yorkie, I manage to avoid the mental-squicks by making sure I have my flip-flops in the shower. But that might not help you if it isn’t the thought of standing on someone else’s water that makes the ick feelings.

      Maybe I should ask today when I go if it is really busy after 5…

  2. I didn’t go to the gym yet this year, because I’ve been super lazy, but I remember at the start of 2010, it didn’t seem any more crowded than it had before then. On the other hand, I tend to hit the gym around 11:00 p.m. (my gym is 24 hours and I HATE crowds, so that time works for me lol) and it’s usually pretty empty by then. 🙂

    • I remember working out a long time ago that late (didn’t last long; I found that working out ended up getting me keyed up!) and the bliss of the emptiness was great!

  3. It could also be that a lot of people just can’t afford gym memberships this year with the economy being the way it is (in spite of the media telling us it’s improving, I don’t believe it for a minute). Too many of people still don’t have jobs, or are working jobs that pay less than they’re used to making and a gym membership is a luxury now, not something that’s seen as a necessity. Losing weight can be a vanity thing, and when you’re worried about where your next meal is coming from or how you’re going to keep a roof over your head, losing weight is probably the last thing on your mind.
    That would account for the lack of people in the gyms last January, and this January as well, since the economy has been going downhill for at least that long, if not longer.

    • Vesta I think it speaks volumes about my own mental blinders that I didn’t consider this option; but you have definitely a very valid point. Given the option between a membership to some gym or paying rent, the choice is pretty clear. I, likewise, don’t believe the economy is doing the wonderful things that folks want us to trip over backwards to believe. As a side note I don’t know why it is so hard for people to say “Yes, this is a depression.” We may not be watching tumble-weeds blow past our devastated farms but times change and this is a modern depression of the lingering sort…

  4. I’m not a gym member but I do run 4 miles outside daily, and the paths do always seem to get a bit more crowded in January. This year, however, I mentioned to my husband that there was NO ONE out after New Year’s. I was really surprised. We did have really cold temps here at the beginning of January (even by Minnesota standards) so that may have been a factor too. I’m afraid that a lot of New Year’s resolutioners give up on exercise altogether if they can’t get out on the first day of the year. Yet another reason to exercise for the joy of it, and not for punishment!

  5. I’ve been swimming/lifting weights/etc. at a gym for about 8 years now, and we haven’t seen the crowds of “resolutionaries” yet this year. They’re probably delayed a week or two due to the holidays falling on Saturdays this season and then the snow/slick roads we’ve had.

    But every year it’s the same pattern: a lot of new faces show up in January, the gym is somewhat more crowded until Valentine’s Day, maybe a week or so afterwards, and then it tapers off. I hate having to wait for a lane in the pool, but it helps to remember that this is not the norm, and it will go back to peaceful times shortly. (The other crowded time is late April through Memorial Day, because people panic over bathing suits.) We call these temporary gym-goers the “resolutionaries” :).

    (What bugs me about the new people isn’t that they’re there, it’s that most of them don’t get even basic gym/pool etiquette, like you don’t just take someone else’s kickboard and you let someone know if you are going to share their lane, you don’t just pop in and hope they see you because there are swimmers like me who, even with optical goggles, have visual limitations.)

    • Oh man Tropical Chrome, that pool lane thing is one of my biggest worries at these times because my sight is awful and I tend to swim on my back a lot. I have dreadful visions of completely flat-fisting someone trying to lap up one half of a lane that I’m hogging by habit!

      • If you’re really nearsighted like me, optical goggles opened up the world. They aren’t ground to prescription, they correct only to the nearest half diopter, but given all the water droplets on them, there’s no need for them to be perfect. They made such a huge difference in how I swim – I finally had the confidence to start picking up speed because I could see where I was going – and I could finally read the clock on the wall. They made it possible for me to share a lane at all.

        Unfortunately, they don’t help much when you’re swimming on your back :).

        • Hah, well I’d still like to be able to see the clock better and really need a new pair of goggles so I’ll be looking into the optical goggles, thanks for the idea!

  6. I love swimming. I try to work out as much as possible sans crowds. I walk/run at least 5 times a week. I can’t afford the gym at all. Good luck with your new years resolution.

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