Some vegetarian recipes I love

As requested I am going to begin putting up a few more of my most beloved recipes that don’t call for meat.  However, since I don’t have pictures for my awesome broccoli & noodles recipe yet (look for that next week); today I thought I’d gather a few recipes that might tide some folks over for a bit and let you know what’s coming down the pike!

Recipes I’ve already posted:

I’ve been working to keep all of my recipes accessible here:

But to gather all of them that happen to be vegetarian in nature we have:

Recipes I hope to post soon

  • Broccoli & Noodles
  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Basil Pesto Sauce w/Pasta

If anyone has other suggestions feel free to comment 🙂


3 thoughts on “Some vegetarian recipes I love

  1. Christina, it’s easier than you think. I really, truly have not missed it, though times in the past when I’ve tried to go veggie I missed meat terribly and gave it up. Since I’ve cut it out, I have felt SOO much better in all ways. My hair shines again, my skin tone is improved, my energy levels are up…it’s probably a combination of factors, but I think listening to what my body’s trying to tell me was the smarter thing to do.

    And–even though this wasn’t really the point–I’ve lost weight. Always a plus as I still had baby pounds to shed and wasn’t comfortable at my current weight. The backaches I had every single morning have gone away since I lost some weight, too. Because of this blog (and a LOT of other reading in the Fat O Sphere) I’m declaring a cease fire with my body and dieting, but maybe at last I’ve found a way of eating that is healthy, makes me feel good, and helps my body to function optimally. If that means losing weight as a side effect, so be it. I did it for health and to be around a long time for my kids.

    April, do you have a kickin’ recipe for tuna fish casserole? Mine’s a bit…blah. I know there aren’t many ways to sex up tuna casserole, but if have some ideas, that’d be most useful!

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