TCA: Blueberry Pancakes

I’m not really a sweet-breakfasts person.  Adam D?  Totally is.  To get a bit of variety in the weekend breakfast routine, I like to do these blueberry pancakes (instead of French Toast, yet again).  I usually like my pancakes very thin, like crepes, wet with butter and dusted with sugar.  But for Adam D these fluffy, blueberry-filled flapjacks are (according to him) a tasty treat for those mornings when I’m just sick of the idea of making his usual hopeful request.

To start, I use this mix and whip it up as directed on the back for pancakes.  I usually dig out about a cup or so for myself and add a lot more water to it to make my own very thin little pancakes.  The rest I leave for Adam’s fluffy berry-laden discs of tastiness.

Use as directed...

Use as directed...

Basically that means you’ll be adding some eggs, oil and water to the mix and stirring it all up. Next, after you’ve taken out any you want to thin down to make tasty little quasi-crepes, you need the berries.

I have, STILL in my freezer, a stock of self-picked blueberries; all frozen and awaiting use.  I take a cup of them and put them into the microwave in a micro-safe bowl for about 30 seconds at a pop, stirring in between and heating again until they are completely or almost completely thawed.  It doesn’t take long.

Then: PLOP!  These get added to the mix:

Add those berries

Add those berries

Then, stir them up gently into the mix.  If you’re too vigorous you’ll end up with a bunch of smashed berries and a very blue-purple mix.  Which isn’t BAD but if you want to keep that berry whole so it pops in your mouth as you eat, releasing its berry goodness; be gentle when you stir!

Stir nicely

Stir nicely

Once you have a bit of butter going and melted in a small pan (or griddle); add a good scoop of the berry-filled mix.

Berry-mix in the pan

Berry-mix in the pan

When little bubbles start forming at the top you can flip the pancake over.  If you’re able; try doing the little pan-flip action where you never even have to touch it with a spatula.  If not, just gently pry up the edges and flip it with as big a spatula as you can to hopefully prevent the disc from cracking right down the middle.

Freshly flipped.  Though this one had to get a second flip because of those few gooey looking spots

Freshly flipped. Though this one had to get a second flip because of those few gooey looking spots

Once you’ve got a stack of these cooked beauties; get them on a plate and they are ready to serve and eat.  Goes great with additional fruit (fresh blueberries on top might be a great addition during the summer months when they are slightly cheaper).  Adam D loves them with syrup…

Final stack of pancakes filled with blueberries

Final stack of pancakes filled with blueberries

For anyone who is curious; these are my thin little crepes with sugar & butter:

Yum!  Just add more water to the mix until it is very thin and cook it up!

Yum! Just add more water to the mix until it is very thin and cook it up!


  • Pancake mix: Prepared as suggested by box
  • 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries, thawed
  • hunger
  1. This is actually, when it comes down to it, very simple.  You’ll likely need an egg or two, some oil and water to make the boxed mix.
  2. When that is ready, stir in your thawed blueberries.
  3. Cook that mix up in delicious circles
  4. Eat.

Om nom nom.  Of the berry-filled variety! May all your eating be like a delicious adventure!


9 thoughts on “TCA: Blueberry Pancakes

  1. I love blueberry pancakes. I’ve been using the 5 gallons of blueberries I picked this fall. Honestly, I prefer the blueberries shipped in from Washington because Alaska blueberries are quite tart. The WA ones are expensive, like $13.00 for a bag of frozen so local all the way since that five gallons only took me a day to pick.

    I always add flaxseed to the mix for a slightly nutty flavor.


  2. The berry pancakes do indeed look scrumptious, but WHERE did you buy that brand of mix? Have never seen it before (I live in L.A.) & it looks like a good, healthful product. Did this come from a chain supermarket, on-line store, what…? Hungry minds want to know!


  3. I recently made extra-fluffy banana pancakes. They were to fluffy they tried to crawl out of the pan. *g*

    Why do you use a boxed mix? From the recipe it seems that only milk and flour are missing, and as milk replaces water, the amount of ingredients seem the same with the mix as without. Allergies? Or is the mix especially yummy?

    • Inge the mix is particularly yummy with a buckwheat esque flavor. I might do my own mixes but I am also lazy and sometimes just measuring a cup of that stuff out rather than finding my other stuff too just fits my morning better 🙂

  4. Like Inge, I was a bit puzzled by the box too.

    I have my own stash of ready-to-go pancake mix permanently in the pantry – I store some flour (I like to use regular self-raising flour for super fluffy pancakes), a bit of salt and some caster sugar in the ratio 1 cup:1 pinch:1 tablespoon. Sometimes I change the dry mix and use buckwheat flour or I add rolled oats or polenta or I throw in some ground cinnamon.

    Then when I’m ready to cook, I add the eggs (1 egg per 1 cup of pancake mix), buttermilk (a bit more than per 1 cup of pancake mix) and a knob of melted butter.I usually don’t put fruit in the mix. Instead, the Boyfriend makes a berry sauce out of frozen/fresh berries, lemon juice and a bit of caster sugar. I have mine with a side of fried banana.

    Clearly I could talk about pancakes all damn day. I love them.

    PS. You have the same plates as my mum! I’d recognise them anywhere. Mum’s had hers for over 20 years.

    • Frances that sounds delicious too. I might nab this ratio to make up my own mix for the future since it sounds pretty easy if you do it ahead and have it around. Adam D brought the plates from his mom too so maybe his mom and your mum both got them the same place? 😀

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