Monday Sword Shimmies (Or, why I’ve been rather quiet lately)

I’ve been caught up lately in the pleasures and drama of daily life.  Mostly it’s been great with a side-dish of stress.  Here is one of the products of all this labor: my first choreography in tribal belly dance (a sword dance with my new uber-heavy scimitar!).

What I get from performing such a dance of my own, ON my own in front of a full crowd? This: Don’t shy away from the things you might do after reaching a certain body/size/shape “goal”.  Reach for the stars NOW.  You ARE the amazing person you always wished you could be; don’t let thoughts that you don’t think you look the part get in the way of that!

Happy Monday shimmies!


19 thoughts on “Monday Sword Shimmies (Or, why I’ve been rather quiet lately)

    • Wow! Thanks Shaunta for the ping-back and I’m so happy to inspired another person to belly dance! 😀 It’s so much fun and just exhilarating to me.

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  2. So cool! Thank you for posting your new dance.

    I am an inveterate sloucher, especially at my computer, but the couple of times I have seen your dance videos, I have noticed by the end that I am sitting with much better alignment than usual. It’s a very nice side effect. 🙂

  3. My nephew went w/his girlfriend to a belly dance event in SE Michigan, and was amazed at the variety of dancers–very young, very old, and all sizes. It was treated like a real belly dance event, not a quasi-strip show, which never occurred to him until he saw it.

    • Linda it does seem to shock people to find out that we aren’t trying to do sleezy strip dances when we say we’re belly dancing! It’s one of the reasons we tend to call the recitals “Middle Eastern Dance Recitals” to get away from that negative stereotype; which is very odd when I think about it!!

  4. Ya habibi!! (did I do that right?)

    You are fabulous and you looked like you were having SO much fun up there. Inspiring! I want to try it now. 🙂

    • G it has been so long since my Arabic class I’m not sure anymore but Ya Habibi sounds good to me 😉 I WAS having fun and totally recommend it to anyone! 😀

  5. April you rock! This was so good. You did an amazing job there…what’s the music? I recognize Summertime, love the backbeat!

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. I am so proud of you my Belly Sister! I always enjoy watching you dance AND dancing with you! You bring joy and light to our little troupe and I’m honored to be a part of our belly family with you! XOXOXO

    I gotta get me a sword!……………

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