Graduation is coming…until then: Fatty Fencing!

New skirt and vest

The bra was a re-do of a previous self-made tribal bra. So much skirt!! 😀

I have just over a week of classes left as I work on completing this last semester of school for my MLIS.  I’m so excited.  And burnt out. And tired.  And happy. And worried about the future and what the degree might (or might not) mean.

Had a great Easter.  Had a wonderful belly dance recital; got new drum-technique dvd and a new cd of music and also my huge 32 yard skirt finally came in! (that’s it with the new vest!) I’m also still out here, living my roundly-awesome life.

So to sorta compensate for the lack of content lately (and likely forthcoming as I finish these last days of school) I thought I’d post a video we have of me during the few weeks of Groupon-en-cheapened fencing classes I took with Adam D.

It was fun but, ultimately, we didn’t learn so much as we flailed around at each other, hoping to glean some bit of helpful technique along the way.

Still, quite a blast while we did it!  (Especially once I brought a length of cloth to extend the cord that goes between the legs on that snug-white-body-suit thing.  Fencing WITHOUT the constant wedgie?  Vastly improved over the alternative.  Just saying…)

As far as being a fat woman in a fencing class I’d say that I didn’t feel too put out; though (as I said above) the largest of the freebie-practice-garb tops (which was a 2XL over on the men’s side btw) was rather snug.  Still, it fit and once I added length to that crotch-rope it was even more comfortable. The chest protector was very tight as it was an unforgiving plastic shield for the breasts.  Over that was a secondary one-arm sleeve sheath that was intended to add further protection (or just add to the sweat-potential..whew!).  It wasn’t super-bulky but definitely not a sleek profile.  Actually it felt a bit like trying to stab someone while wearing an ill-fitting marshmallow suit.

I didn’t feel any animosity or other angst from the instructors that I happened to be taking up “too much space”.  Which is rather nice for a sport! Though, it might have just been the laid-back feel from this particular fencing studio; I only have the one to use for “study”.

The best class experience was actually when we learned one of the 4 moves we got to learn and spent time drilling on them, over and over.  I was placed against a young student who was great at correcting me and offering suggestions.

So, would I recommend fencing?  I’d suggest trying it.  Or at least watching a class.  Check to see if there are any “Open Fencing” nights at places nearby so you can watch a few battles and see if the level of activity (mostly lots of back and forth and small hand motions) is for you.  If you can get a great coupon to test out a beginner class, go for it.  Though, if you’re worried, maybe send a note to ask if there are any practice-armor pieces that might fit your proportions to prevent that frantic scramble at suit-up time.

Now I’m curious about a place down the street that I pass each morning on the way to work that is boasting a sign for equestrian lessons…hmmm.  Maybe time to explore what they are offering…


6 thoughts on “Graduation is coming…until then: Fatty Fencing!

  1. “Actually it felt a bit like trying to stab someone while wearing an ill-fitting marshmallow suit.”

    Is it very wrong of me to start giggling at that line because I suddenly envisioned you in a Mr. Staypuft suit stabbing wildly at the Ghostbusters?


    • LOL. Not at all, since that’s the precise image I had in mind when I wrote the line! 😉 heh.

      Well-Rounded: Thanks! I’m glad your son and DH are loving it. It was a lot of fun; and I think if I had the time/energy/money to invest fully in another expensive hobby then I’d have my own garb and it would be even more enjoyable!

  2. Oh man, you do all the cool things! I’ve always wanted to pick up fencing too. I hope you can find the time to keep going with it!

    And your new outfit looks fab 🙂 I love the ruffles on the skirt!

  3. I’m not sure if fencing is my style, but I’ve considered taking Kendo; it seems to have larger movements although the equipment seems just as stifling. I have, however, taken riding lessons. I learned western riding as opposed to the other type (I can’t think of the name. English, maybe?) and I think it suited my large body better because the stirrups are lower on the saddle so I didn’t have to try to bring my knees up closer to my body than I was able. The only problem I encountered in western riding is that going faster than a trot meant that my heavy body stayed longer in the air than a small body, so I was constantly having to grab the saddle horn with one hand, the back of the saddle with the other hand, and grip really hard with my legs around the horse; these things combined caused me to have a sore back and butt and also was very tiring on my inner thighs. However, my legs did get a great workout even when only going slow, and when not going faster than a trot I really enjoyed myself. I treated myself to riding lessons and a five day horseback riding trip through the Rocky Mountains for my 40th birthday and it was worth every penny and every aching muscle. I would recommend trying it if you have the chance; I’m so glad I did it, even though at the time I felt too old and way too fat to do it.

    • Kendo might be cool too. I did take riding lessons in college and was on the team for a semester even (it is English). I did love it (hated the show-part but loved the practicing!)

      I’m so glad you were able to treat yourself to such an enjoyable experience for your 40th!! 😀

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