Not dieting: means my clothes STILL FIT! Imagine that…

The sun has finally been making its tentative blazing entrance this Spring after weeks of dreary rainy-ness.  While I’m not as fond of the coming humidity and temps above 80; I do LOVE an excuse to get the shorts and capris back out for the season!  I’m firmly a lover of capris and long-ish shorts that don’t ride up (something I’ve learned is improved when you’re not trying to squeeze into a pair of shorts about 2 sizes too tight!  The pleasures of finally learning to ignore size tags and just get the damn larger size so that I’m comfortable is actually tangible!!)

I also love barefoot season.  I tend to regulate my body heat through my head AND my feet and LOVE when the toes get to wriggle free instead of being all closed up in socks and shoes (no matter how cute).

I just can’t help but think today, as I pulled out a pair of shorts that is at least 1 or 2 years old, that it is amazing being able to open a drawer on a new season KNOWING that everything from last year will still fit!  Talk about economic savings!  It is ALSO a boon since I’ve been on a hunt for new cargo-capris to replace my sorely rubbed-thin pair and have had no luck finding something that isn’t draw-string/elastic or have awkwardly placed leg-zippers or are so damn see-through that the wearer must have to carefully choose which panty line they want people to gawk at that day!  So, while I hunt for those I will happily wear my cute shorts and continue rocking this quasi-beach-day feel that has infected myself and many of those around me today as the sun glows down on us.

So I leave you this sunny (for me at least) day with a pic from 2009 of our Ecotarium visit (OTTERS!!) in which I am wearing the same shorts I am sporting today.  And I ask you to share what sort of small (or large) clothing victories have you come across recently?  Did you wear a color you never thought someone with your shape/size could/should wear?  Did you pull out a sweater from 2 years ago and realize that your refusal to continue roller-coaster diets means it isn’t big or small: it still fits?  Or are you finding something frustrating right now?  Swimsuit season (Bearly on Earth has a lovely post on this) is upon us in the North: is that bringing frustration or glee?  Chat your current clothing thoughts at me.

Otter...and cute shorts!

Otter...and cute shorts!


13 thoughts on “Not dieting: means my clothes STILL FIT! Imagine that…

  1. This is the second year in 5 or 6 years that I haven’t had to buy new clothes! Between laundry issues, weigh fluctuation, pregnancy/breastfeeding my size had been unstable for a long time. But now, exclusive of the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, I’ve been the same size for 3 years. It’s great!

    I sew, and now I can actually spend good money on fabric so I can have nice things that i know will last me more than a season!

    This summer, none of my money is going to Target or Old Navy to buy cheap flimsy tank tops that will at least give me something to cover myself.

    I haven’t bought clothes in 10 months (I needed a new fall wardrobe last year because of the above issue), and no summer clothes in well over a year, and it’s great!

    • Ashley that does sound great!! And speaking of flimsy clothing; I tried to get some jean capris over at Walmart and before the FIRST wearing; the button pulled out of the hole. *sigh*

  2. I’ve been experiencing the same thing with my summerish clothes lately and it’s really, really nice. In fact, for once, my wardrobe isn’t causing me to want to lose weight (clothes were always the thing that bugged me the most), it’s actually another reason to just be happy at this size. I have a lot of clothes now that I am content with and I don’t want to ever start over again!

    A clothing victory I had recently was buying a few tank tops for a trip to a warmer climate. I typically avoid them, but I found some cute ones and just did it! Also, my mom (the queen of the backhanded compliment) told me one of the shirts was cute but the back was unflattering and I just laughed at her.

    • FFC congrats on that ability to laugh off your mother’s backhanded half of the compliment. I’m sure the tanks were lovely and if it makes you feel comfortable then clothing it doing what it is supposed to I think! 😀

  3. The good news is my shorts still fit the same as they did last year. The bad news is that the shorts that drove me crazy because they really aren’t cut for the proportions of my body so they do some funny things are doing the same funny things this year, so out they go. (They’re in the donation bag. I hope they find a body that is distributed differently.) I was kind of crazy myself to think they’d fit any better this year, but wishful thinking is insidious. In any case, I have bought new shorts that fit better and hopefully won’t drive me crazy.

    • TropicalChrome I hope the new shorts are indeed less irritating! I’m sure there will be someone very happy to enjoy those other ones too! 🙂

  4. Yes, clothes that fit year after year, for the win! I admit I still get a little anxious pulling out the new season’s wardrobe, concerned that it won’t fit…. But since I embraced HAES 2 years ago I’ve had nothing to worry about. 🙂

  5. I’m happy I found built-in-shelf-bra-tank-tops for a good price at One Stop Plus, but a little annoyed that one of the plastic rings on the strap of one broke after the first wearing.

    I am looking forward to nice weather. I got a new tankini last year from Land’s End and only got to wear it once before the weather was too cold, and I’d like to put some more mileage on it. I’m hoping that myself and my roommates can manage to have more of the same days off this summer than last summer and get out to the river, or even the fountain in the park, more often.

    If you have a Fashion Bug in your area that might be a good place to look for capris/shorts. They have a few different lines, so something might work for you.

    • lowbudgetcyborg I’ll have to check out Fashion Bugs. And Land’s End is where I get my one-piece to swim laps; i really like the fit so maybe I’ll look into the tankini for a more going-out suit! 🙂

  6. I haven’t dieted for over 30 years, but have had a few ups & downs because of aging, menopause & compulsive exercise. Twelve years ago I started my last 4-year period of exercising 4 hours/per day, so I had somewhat smaller clothes for a few years (I lost less than 20 pounds in 4 years of punishing my joints that way), then returned to my normal sizes. I finished menopause 4 years ago & have gained probably another 20 pounds, but over the past year, I think I have leveled off & found the size I am supposed to be post-menopause until the old age shrinking begins. I just got out the shorts I bought last summer (all cargo shorts, as I do not carry a purse) & they are fine. I have jeans I have worn for two years or more which still fit. The only frustrating thing about my clothing is that a pair of jeans I loved, which were labeled the same size as other pairs of the same brand which still fit, shrunk so much in the dryer that I had to throw them away, as there was no possibility that I would shrink enough to fit the size they are now & it was unhealthy for
    me to keep them around.

    I am also making the discovery that I have often, over the past couple of years, as I adjusted to my slightly larger size & to changing from an hourglass to an apple, been mostly buying t-shirts that are too big. I have been a fat acceptance activist for over 30 years; it is time I stopped worrying that people will notice the fat rolls on my ribcage. They are part of me, there is nothing wrong with them.

    But, yes, it is a good thing to be able to mostly keep & wear clothes until they wear out, to pull shorts out after not wearing them for 7-8 months (I AM in Maine, after all) & have them still fit. It may not be the most important reason for accepting your body at the size it wants to be, but it is a good one.

    • “it is time I stopped worrying that people will notice the fat rolls on my ribcage. They are part of me, there is nothing wrong with them.” Exactly Patsy!! And having clothing that fits the body you have; without apology, is an amazing confirmation of that. I hope finding some new tees is fun! 🙂

  7. It’s amazing isn’t it? Year after year, diet after diet, I just kept getting fatter. I stop dieting, and I’ve stayed within 4 or 5 kilograms of the same weight ever since.

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